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The Complete Guide to Cloud Networking

The Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Cost Management

Office 365 – Track Externally Shared Teams Files with SharePoint

The Complete Guide to Managed Services Providers

Microsoft Teams Mobile App Basics

Microsoft Teams Training Guide Download

Customer Success Story – Managed Services

Email Security Workbook Download

Ask the Right Questions eBook Download

Power Automate – Create Multi-Step Workflows

Microsoft Teams – Use and Manage Tags in Microsoft Teams

Power Automate – Create Approval Workflows

Microsoft Teams – Set Availability Alerts in Teams

Power Automate – Use Templates in Power Automate

Microsoft Teams – Use Pop Out Windows for Chats and Apps

Microsoft Outlook – Send Calendars in Outlook

Microsoft Teams – Send a Message in Teams to Outlook

Microsoft Teams – Set Your Teams Ringtone

Email Security – IT Management Webinar

Customer Success Story – Email Phishing Simulation

Enabling Remote Work – Ten Minute Tech Talk

Multi-Factor Authentication End-User Demonstration

Multi-Factor Authentication – Ten Minute Tech Talk

IT Department Costs Calculator

Windows 7 End of Life – Ten Minute Tech Talk

Microsoft Funding and Incentives Guide

Microsoft Teams – Transfer a Call to Someone’s Voicemail

Office 365 – How to Whitelist Email Addresses in Outlook

Microsoft Teams – Send an IM and Create a Group Chat

PEI’s 2019 State of IT Survey Results

Windows Sever 2008 End of Support Transformation Opportunity Guide

Microsoft Teams – Set Up and Check Your Voicemail

Windows and SQL Server 2008 End of Support Options Guide

Microsoft Teams – Share Your Screen from Chat

Microsoft Teams – How to Set Your Video Background

Microsoft Teams – How to Connect a SharePoint Library

Office 365 – Attaching Files in Outlook

Office 365 – Setting Email Permissions in Outlook with Information Rights Management

ConnectWise Report Writer – Basic Opportunity Report

Microsoft Skype for Business – How to Block a Number

Office 365 – Using the FindTime Feature in Outlook

Microsoft Teams – How to Transfer a Call

Microsoft Teams – How to Edit Files Directly in the Teams App

Office 365 – Opening SharePoint Libraries in Windows Explorer

Office 365 – Merging Shapes in PowerPoint

30 Years of Technology: A History of PEI’s 30 Years in Business

Microsoft Teams – How to Share a Desktop or Program

Office 365 – Ignoring Group Messages in Outlook

Microsoft Teams – Setting up Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring

Microsoft Teams – Make a Call

Microsoft Teams – Schedule and Join a Meeting

Microsoft Teams – Setting Your Presence Status

PEI’s 2018 Technology Raffle: FAQ and Prize Reveal!

Office 365 – Creating Live Screenshots in PowerPoint

Office 365 – OneDrive for Business Set Up and Access

Microsoft Skype for Business – How to Send and Receive Files

Microsoft Azure – Azure Backup Demonstration (Files and Folders)

Microsoft Azure – Azure Backup Server Demonstration

Skype for Business – How to Check Your Voicemail

Skype for Business – How to Set Up Simultaneous Ring and Call Forwarding

Skype for Business – How to Make a Phone Call

Skype for Business – How to Make a Test Call

Skype for Business – How to Upgrade from an IM to Voice to Video Call

Microsoft Skype for Business – How to Set Up Your Audio Device

Microsoft Skype for Business – The Quick Launch Bar

Microsoft Skype for Business – How To Create a Group Conversation and Conference Call Ad Hoc

Skype for Business – Favorites Group

Microsoft Skype for Business Online – Call Queues

Microsoft Office 365 – Usage Reports

Skype for Business – How to Change Privacy Relationships

Skype for Business – How to Tag and Untag a Contact For Status Change Alert

Skype for Business – How to Find and Add a New Contact

Skype for Business – How To Change Presence Status

Skype for Business Voice in the Cloud Partner Introduction

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