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PEI has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2005, and our engineers hold multiple Gold and Silver Microsoft Certifications. Our Gold Cloud Productivity Status speaks to our expertise with Microsoft Office 365. We have successfully completed migrations for thousands of Office 365 seats.

We focus our hiring efforts on mid- to senior-level engineers, housing a team with over 120 years of combined experience.  We deliver value by working with you to understand your business objectives and mapping out your technology to enhance these goals.

PEI specializes in long-term relationships where each customer is vital to our success. All of our customers are “customers for life,” and we use our partnerships and experience to help them drive real business results. Read more about what our customers have to say about PEI. 

PowerPoint in Office 365 Video Script:

I’m going to show you how to create live screenshots of your slides in PowerPoint using Office 365. This can be useful anytime you want to visually reference another slide of area of your presentation.

Usually, when we want to include a screenshot of something, we open the sniping tool and just take a quick snip.

But, there is a faster, easier way to accomplish this. I have this PowerPoint on screen open to a section title slide. Maybe I’ve decided I want this slide to have a sort of visual table of contents so my audience knows what to expect.

All I have to do is click the thumbnail for the slide I want to reference, and drag it into the slide I’m working on. A screenshot of the slide I pulled now appears on the slide. You can make them any size you need–really big or really small.

This is our services section, so I’ve dragged Skype for Business in here, but I also want these Office 365 and Azure slides in here. And, it’s that easy, I have my visual Table of Contents all set up.

Now say that I’m editing this PowerPoint, and I want to change one of these slides. Maybe I decide I don’t like this color orange for these boxes. If I change them to blue, and we go back to the section title page, the screenshot I created earlier has changed to blue as well.

Any changes you make to the slides you’ve made live screenshots of will be updated automatically, which can be helpful and save time if you know you still have a lot of editing to do.

And, that’s how you create live screenshots in PowerPoint with Office 365.

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