PEI is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year! Over the last 30 years, this family-owned, IT consulting firm has evolved from a two-person startup to a multimillion dollar company serving a diverse client base across the United States.

PEI was first incorporated in 1988 in San Mateo, CA by brothers Tim and Chris Krueger with the goal of providing IT services for the Savings and Loan industry through a focus on enhancing and extending businesses’ IT investments. After the subsequent crash of the Savings and Loan industry less than a year later and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, PEI decided to change both focus and locations. By 1992, PEI had made Boulder, CO it’s permanent home and has since developed specializations in several areas of technology—cloud architecture, virtualization, unified communications, advanced services, and managed services.

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Use the timeline below to learn more about our history and major technology advancements that have happened during PEI’s lifetime!


  • Benny Madrid says:

    Tim and PEI Team, what a fantastic journey and accomplishment. I appreciate your partnership and wish you many more years of growth and success.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Thanks Benny!

      We appreciate your kind words. We know that forming strong and reliable partnerships like the one we have with Microsoft has helped us make it to 30 years!

  • John Husted says:

    Congratulations on this major accomplishment PEI! Glad to be partnering with you through this IT journey.

    • Stephanie Hamrick says:

      Thank you very much, John! We’re equally glad to be working with you and your organization and look forward to continuing this journey together!

  • Em says:

    Can I make this larger?

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