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Maximizing the Benefits of Managed IT Services

Well-crafted managed IT services should guide you through ever-evolving tech trends and best practices. Trust our team of seasoned experts to handle the day-to-day tech burdens and free you to conquer your business goals and the Boulder market. 

Here’s how partnering with PEI can empower your enterprise:

  1. Peace of Mind: Imagine having proactive monitoring and maintenance instead of scrambling to fix tech headaches. Our watchful eyes will prevent mishaps while securing critical data with rock-solid protocols.
  2. Unleashing Potential: No more IT logjams hindering your team’s productivity. We will take care of the mundane administration and allow your in-house tech team to focus on strategic projects that drive growth and innovation.
  3. Knowledge Is Power: Tap into our depth of expertise, from cloud migrations to cybersecurity, at a fraction of the cost of building your in-house team. We become your one-stop shop for all things IT, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Transparency and Control: Gain granular insights into your IT performance through comprehensive reporting and dashboards. You will always be in the driver’s seat, making informed decisions with crystal-clear visibility.
  5. Boulder-born Reliability: As a fellow Boulder County business since we moved to Pearl Street in 1992, we understand the unique needs and challenges of Boulder businesses. We will speak your language, anticipate your concerns, and offer seamless support.

Investing in managed IT services isn’t just about outsourcing tasks; it’s about unlocking your full potential in the dynamic Boulder market. Let PEI be your trusted guide, transforming your IT into a strategic asset that propels your business forward.

Customized Solutions for Boulder’s Varied Business Environment

Boulder has diverse businesses, from cutting-edge startups to established enterprises, each with unique needs and challenges. They all have one thing in common: navigating the ever-shifting tech landscape is daunting.

Deeply Rooted, Broadly Equipped

Our Boulder roots run deep, allowing us to understand the specific demands of the city’s dynamic tech scene. We’ve seen the rise of fintech, the surge in healthcare innovation, and the creative buzz within Boulder’s entrepreneurial spirit. This isn’t just industry knowledge, it’s an ingrained understanding of your local terrain.

Tailored Solutions, Not One-Size-Fits-All

We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach. From cybersecurity for innovative startups to cloud solutions for established manufacturers, we craft managed IT services in Boulder that fit specific needs. Whether you’re a burgeoning business seeking agility or a seasoned player aiming for operational efficiency, we will tailor your tech roadmap to perfection.

No Challenge Too Big, No Business Too Small

Scale doesn’t matter at PEI. We empower ambitious startups with the same passion and expertise we bring to established corporations. Our managed IT services for Boulder businesses are designed to propel your growth, regardless of size or sector.

Local Expertise, Global Reach

While our roots are firmly planted in Boulder, our reach extends far beyond. As part of the Dataprise family, we leverage a vast network of resources and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring you have access to the best the global IT landscape offers.

So, what does this mean for you? It means a Boulder managed services partner who speaks your language, understands your goals, and crafts solutions that empower your unique journey. At PEI, we’re not just tech-savvy; we’re Boulder-savvy.

Strong Focus on Cybersecurity Amid Boulder’s Changing Tech Scene

As technology advances, one constant remains paramount: the need for unwavering cybersecurity. In this ever-evolving landscape, safeguarding your data and infrastructure isn’t a luxury, it’s a critical business imperative that all IT managed services providers in Boulder must prioritize.

Building Your Boulder Fortress

We don’t believe in piecemeal security. We build comprehensive fortresses around your data and infrastructure. Our multi-layered approach utilizes cutting-edge security technologies to safeguard your business on all fronts. Examples include:  

  • Advanced Cloud Security: Secure your cloud assets with comprehensive protection against data breaches, unauthorized access, and malware.
  • Unbreakable Network Security: We will fortify your network perimeter with sophisticated firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and vulnerability assessments to keep threats at bay.
  • Mobile Device Management: Ensure your mobile workforce operates safely with device encryption, access control, and data loss prevention measures.
  • Intelligent Internet Filtering: Block dangerous websites and malicious content before they infiltrate your network.
  • User Awareness and Training: Educating your team is critical. We will provide ongoing training and awareness programs to empower your employees to identify and avoid cyber threats.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of protection with multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access, even if passwords are compromised.
  • Constant Vigilance: We will monitor login attempts and network activity 24/7, promptly detecting and thwarting any suspicious behavior before it escalates. PEI offers SIEM, SOC, and MDR solutions to deliver enterprise-level security at an achievable price point for Boulder’s small and midsize businesses. 

We know the local threat landscape. Our Boulder-based security specialists stay abreast of emerging cyber threats specific to the city’s industries and technology trends, so you can rest assured your defenses are always one step ahead.

Elevate Your Boulder Business with Top-Notch Managed IT

Boulder’s vibrant tech scene is a launchpad for ambition, and your tech infrastructure shouldn’t hold you back. Ditch the headaches and unlock your full potential with PEI’s comprehensive managed IT services.

Are You Ready to...

Trade daily IT hassles for strategic growth?

Shield your data and infrastructure with unwavering security?

Empower your team with the freedom to focus on what matters most?

Then let PEI be your Boulder advantage.

Don’t let tech be your bottleneck. Partner with PEI and experience the transformative power of top-notch managed IT in Boulder. We’re just a phone call away.

Start Managing Now!Start Managing Now!

Industries Served

Regardless of your industry, PEI has the expertise to propel your growth with tailor-made solutions. We understand each sector’s unique challenges and tech needs, and we will ensure your IT roadmap aligns seamlessly with your business goals.


Secure your financial data, streamline operations, and enhance customer experiences with our specialized solutions for financial institutions in Boulder.


Stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving tech scene with secure cloud solutions, agile infrastructure management, and expert guidance from our tech gurus

Real Estate

Manage properties efficiently, boost client engagement, and navigate the evolving digital landscape with secure and scalable IT solutions built for Boulder's real estate professionals.


Protect sensitive client data, streamline case management, and collaborate securely with our comprehensive IT solutions designed for legal firms in Boulder.


Optimize production processes, ensure operational efficiency, and gain data-driven insights with advanced IT solutions that empower the local manufacturing industry.


Improve patient care delivery and outcomes with managed IT services that streamline operations, enhance data security, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Choose PEI for Boulder Managed Services?

When it comes to choosing the right managed IT partner, you need a local ally who understands your unique challenges and propels you toward success.

Bouder Roots, Global Reach

We’re not just Boulder-based but deeply woven into the city’s fabric. Our legacy here means we understand the local tech scene, trends, and specific demands. You won’t be a number lost in a crowd; you’ll be a valued partner on our home turf.

Boulder-Savvy Tech Brains

Forget faceless tech support from afar. Our team of certified IT professionals are your Boulder neighbors, readily available to address your needs with their expert skills and familiarity with your local environment. Think of them as your digital Sherpas, guiding you through the ever-evolving tech terrain.

Boulder-Built Support, 24/7

We don’t believe in tech hiccups disrupting your hustle. That’s why we offer unwavering 24/7 support customized to your specific needs. Sleep soundly knowing our vigilant eyes are on your IT, ready to tackle any issue before it affects your business.

Boulder-Proof Strategies

The Boulder tech scene is competitive, and we get it. Our forward-thinking strategies anticipate potential hurdles, keeping you ahead of the curve and avoiding disruptions that could hinder your growth. We’re your proactive tech architects, building a future-proof digital foundation for your success.

Boulder-Centric Commitment

At PEI, customer satisfaction isn’t just a metric; it’s our guiding principle. We’re deeply invested in your success, and our consistent, tailored support reflects that commitment. Whether you’re a scaling startup or seasoned corporation, we’ll ensure your IT fuels your journey to the summit.

Fostering Employee Growth in Boulder’s Tech Talent Pool

At PEI, we believe in investing in both technology and the people behind it. That’s why we’re committed to nurturing Boulder’s talent pool by empowering our team’s growth and development. 

Cultivating Boulder’s Finest

Our Boulder-based staff forms the backbone of our success. We recognize their potential and prioritize ongoing training and development opportunities. From technical skill-building workshops to leadership development programs, we invest in their future, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Boulder-Tailored Learning

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all learning. We customize our training programs to cater to the specific needs and aspirations of our Boulder team. Whether they’re aspiring cybersecurity ninjas or cloud computing wizards, we provide the targeted learning pathways to help them reach their full potential.

Empowering Boulder Leaders

Leadership development is paramount to our Boulder team’s success. We equip high-potential individuals with the skills and knowledge to excel in leadership roles, fostering a culture of growth and innovation within our office.

Boulder’s Collaborative Spirit

We believe in fostering a collaborative learning environment where our Boulder team members can learn from each other and share their expertise. By encouraging open communication and knowledge sharing, we create a dynamic environment that breeds innovation and fuels collective growth.

Investing in Boulder’s Future

By nurturing our staff, we’re not just enriching their lives but strengthening the entire city’s tech ecosystem. Our commitment to their development contributes to a more skilled and competitive talent pool, making Boulder an even more vibrant hub for technological advancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are managed IT services, and how can they benefit my Boulder business?

Managed IT services involve outsourcing your technology management needs to a specialized provider. In Boulder, this translates to proactive IT support, enhanced security, and a strategic focus on your business’s unique requirements, freeing your internal team to concentrate on core objectives.

How is PEI different from other IT service providers in Boulder?

Unlike national providers, PEI is deeply rooted in Boulder’s tech scene. We understand the specific challenges and opportunities faced by local businesses, allowing us to tailor solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Our local presence also translates to swift on-site support and a deep commitment to your success.

Can PEI's managed IT services handle the cybersecurity threats in Boulder's tech scene?

Absolutely! We’re constantly monitoring and adapting our security measures to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyber threats specific to Boulder. Our comprehensive security solutions include advanced threat detection, intrusion prevention, and data protection, ensuring your business remains secure in the ever-changing tech landscape.

What industries does PEI serve, and can you cater to my specific needs?

PEI proudly serves various industries in Boulder, including finance, technology, real estate, law, manufacturing, and more. We have deep expertise in each sector and customize our managed IT solutions to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by each industry and individual business.

How does PEI's pricing structure work?

We offer flexible pricing plans to suit various budgets and technology needs. Our transparent pricing structure ensures you understand what you’re paying for and allows us to tailor a plan that perfectly fits your requirements.

Reviews: What Our Customers Have to Say!

Elizabeth Cochran
The University of New Mexico Foundation.

Since 2020, PEI has been our managed services provider, and I cannot say enough great things about them. They are customer-friendly and honestly always there when we need them. I work for a small non-profit and am treated as if I were CEO of a large for-profit organization. That’s just the type of organization and employee-base PEI is all about. Their staff is worth their weight in gold!

Kim Burns
Power Technologies

Look no further than PEI!!! We use PEI not only for the implementation of Teams Voice and MS365 but are on their monthly plan to be available for our entire companies’ IT needs. This has proven invaluable to us for everything from seamlessly onboarding employees to after-hour emergencies. Thank you, PEI!

Our User Ratings Speaks for itself!
See More Reviews!

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