Send Your Calendar in Outlook

The Outlook desktop app makes it easy to send your calendar to colleagues and others outside your organization to make scheduling meetings a breeze! 

To email your calendar: 

  1. Click New Email from your Outlook desktop app home screen. 
  2. Click the Insert tab. 
  3. Select Calendar from the options. 
Navigate to the Insert tab and select Calendar.
  1. Choose the calendar you want to send, and the date range from the drop-down menus. 
  2. Choose the view you want to send:
    • Availability Only will only show calendar blocks as “Free”, “Busy”, “Tentative”, “Working Elsewhere”, or “Out of Office” 
    • Limited Details will show your availability and the subjects of your calendar items. 
    • Full Details will send your availability and the full details of your calendar items.
Select your calendar, date range, and details for your calendar.
  1. Click OK to attach your desired calendar. 

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