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IT Security Solutions for Your Business

Protection for Your Entire IT Security Ecosystem

Security threats are constantly evolving. If your defenses aren’t evolving with them, your business is at risk for data loss, account breaches, or other serious consequences. The traditional approach to IT Security, where each element of your business is a separate silo to protect, creates a fractured environment that’s both hard to manage effectively and leaves gaps open for increasingly sophisticated attacks. Instead, you need each piece of your information security strategy to work together, forming a security ecosystem that provides comprehensive protection from today’s threats and adapts for the threats of tomorrow.

What Type of Information Security Solution is Right for Your Business?


Not sure where to start? Download our IT Security Essentials Checklist to see where you stand. Then work with us on a Security Assessment that can identify vulnerabilities and build a plan to address them.

Start Building a StrategyStart Building a Strategy


If your organization has strict compliance standards or collects sensitive data, a managed security solutions plan gives your business access to advanced security capabilities and experts to manage them and ensure effectiveness.

See our Security PackageSee our Security Package


Need a to fill a gap in your existing security strategy? From antivirus solutions to advanced cloud security configurations, our expert security engineers can install, configure, and manage a solution that keeps your business safe.

Get a Custom SolutionGet a Custom Solution

PEI’s Advanced Security Package

Comprehensive coverage to address all major aspects of your security ecosystem, providing a secure foundation that protects your business from common attack vectors while continually evolving to keep you protected from new threats as they appear.


Your Office 365 environment houses essential business data and processes, like your email or phone system. Continually tighten your Office 365 security posture with monthly improvements to your Secure Score. Plus, keep your data safe with backups of your data in OneDrive, email, SharePoint, Teams, and more!


Without regular patching, your business isn’t protected from the latest threats. Keep devices secure with the latest patches installed regularly on servers and workstations. Plus, secure user devices with endpoint detection and response solutions for protection against “zero day” exploits that can surprise even the most cautious web users.


Multi-factor authentication prevents attacks even in the case of weak or already stolen credentials. Microsoft and Google have both stated that MFA can eliminate 99% of account breaches. On top of this, stay ahead of brute force attacks and suspicious behavior with login attempts reporting and monitoring.


The majority of malicious attacks originate through email and the numbers are growing rapidly. Your business needs advanced email filtering and scanning to keep malicious messages out of inboxes where unsuspecting or untrained users can fall prey to phishing, spoofing, malware, and more.


DNS filtering is your last line of defense when users click on malicious links–whether from an email or while browsing the web. It can stop traffic to malicious destinations before a connection is established, stopping infections from phishing, malware, ransomware, and more.


Even with the best security policies in place, your users can introduce vulnerabilities to your environment. With simulated attacks, you can provide consistent training and testing to keep your users aware and use the results to accurately evaluate your risk.

Our Advanced Security Package provides comprehensive security your organization can count on. Secure your business today!

Build a Custom Security Solution

Need to fill a security gap or bolster an existing security strategy? Work with our engineers to configure and deploy a custom security solution for your business. We offer each piece of our managed security offering as a standalone solution, or we can build a fully custom solution for any security need in your business.

Advanced Cloud Security

Take advantage of the advanced security capabilities needed to protect your data in the cloud, whether you’re using Office 365, Azure, or both, with experienced engineers to configure and refine advanced security policies like Information Protection, Active Directory and Identity Management, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud App Security, and more.

Network Security

Protecting your network means providing provide a secure platform for your users and apps. Whether you want to segment your network, prevent sensitive data from leaving, or apply advanced access and filtering configurations, our network engineers have the experience to ensure your network can withstand modern threats and perform reliably to keep your business running.

Mobile Device Management

BYOD and accessing internal resources from personal devices is quickly becoming the standard, offering new advancements in productivity. But this can leave your business vulnerable to unauthorized access and compliance violations. Our Mobile Device Management solutions secure your data to make it easily—but safely—accessed from anywhere.

Why Work With Us?

Experienced Team

The average experience level of our security architects is 19 years. We hire only senior-level engineers who use tested best practices to keep your environment secure.

Comprehensive Approach

You need cohesive protection. We build security solutions to work with other elements of your environment instead of leaving you with a fractured strategy full of gaps.

Innovative Solutions

Threats are growing increasingly more sophisticated. Our solutions keep your business ready for future threats before they appear.


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