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PEI is an Award-Winning IT Services Provider

PEI Microsoft Partner

PEI’s Project Management Team has assisted PEI in delivering world-class technology solutions since 1988. PEI’s superior IT project management has made us a leader in all that we do, inspiring Redmond Partner Channel to name us a top 200 Microsoft Partner out of 100,000 partners across the United States.

Technology is becoming an increasingly-important piece of today’s business landscape.

Without a strategy for using technology to further the goals of your organization, you may find that you cannot stay competitive in today’s market. PEI’s IT Project Management Services can help you develop an IT strategy that actively and efficiently moves you toward your business goals.

What Kind of IT Project Can Our Project Management Services Help You With?

Whether you’re using PEI’s engineering resources or conducting a project internally, our Project Management services can ensure your project it completed efficiently and effectively.

Just Use Our Managers

If your project is internal, our Project Management solutions team will work closely with your team members to fit your unique circumstances, whether you require a formal methodology or a more agile approach.

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Or, Use Our Engineers Too

If you’re using our award-winning engineers, our Project Management Team is your connection to all matters concerning your project at PEI. We know each project we manage has significant importance for our clients.

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PEI’s Project Management Services Can Help with IT Projects Involving

Office 365

With Office 365, your team can work better together–anytime, any location, any device. Plus, work securely and on the latest software.

Skype for Business

Your team can communicate seamlessly with Skype for Business so that you can achieve more together.


Get the computing power of a much larger business without needing to invest in a large IT staff or server hardware.


Accomplish more with enterprise-level email capabilities including advanced archiving, security, and compliance features.

Data Storage

Your data is important to your business. We can make sure it’s stored reliably and kept secure.


Optimize your network: make it secure, make it reliable, and make it efficient.


Help your organization save money and run more efficiently by moving your data to the cloud.


Take your business anywhere with Windows Server—the largest cloud datacenter.

IT Support

All you need to do to fix an IT problem is call. We offer helpdesk, engineering, and systems architect-level support.

Managed Services

PEI can monitor your systems to fix issues before they become larger issues that result in downtime.

PEI’s IT Project Management Services

PEI’s Project Management Team manages a diverse portfolio of projects and knows each one is unique.

That’s why communication plays a fundamental and critical role in how we approach our Project Management Solutions. We work with you first to understand your needs, and then deliver the appropriate project management experience.

Example Project Components

  • Formal Project Plans – Gantt Charts
  • Communication Plans
  • Risk and Issue Logs
  • Customer Acceptance Forms either at project or milestone completion points
  • A custom SharePoint-based portal used for project-related documentation and communication
  • Weekly status meetings to be held by either audio or video conference with the entire PEI Project Management Team
  • Onsite visits with your assigned project manager
  • Daily or weekly status reports
  • Weekly financial status updates
  • Post-project client satisfaction surveys

Our IT Project Management Team is committed to ensuring that your project is completed to your total satisfaction.

If we schedule onsite work to be performed by our engineering staff, we will ensure that this schedule works for your team. We welcome and encourage our clients to engage the Project Management Team early and often during the execution of your IT project. If you ever have a question related to your project or scheduled work, we will answer it for you quickly and correctly. We can also provide information related to billing or invoicing upon request.

Let’s Take Project Management Even Further: Check out Managed Services

Interested in PEI’s Project Management? Don’t stop there. Use PEI’s Managed Services, and let us take all of the IT tasks off your hands so you can focus on running your business. PEI can manage and monitor your systems to fix issues before they become larger problems that result in downtime.

Managed Services Flexibility icon

Flexible Contracts

PEI offers monthly, yearly, or multi-year contracts to meet your IT budget. We also provide a 90-day contract cancellation policy.

local icon

100% Local

Unlike some of our competitors, PEI does not outsource any of its operations. When you need help, you speak with a local, PEI engineer.

Customizable Managed Services Icon

Customizable Plans

PEI will work with you to determine which services align with your business goals and maximize your IT investment where it makes sense for your business.


Make technology work for your business. Find a partner to help you get there.

Discover Strategic IT!Discover Strategic IT!