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PEI is an Award-Winning IT Services Provider

Running a business involves contracting services and technology from many different sources.

Managing these key relationships can be costly in terms of time and effort—and distract you from your core business. Let PEI be your single point of contact for all your vendor and contract management needs, whether you’re looking to optimize your current vendor relationships or evaluate new ones.

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Throughout our 30 years in business, we've built lasting relationships with prominent technology vendors.

These relationships have made us a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cisco Premier Partner, and more! We’ll leverage these partnerships to direct you to the vendors that align best with your business and negotiate with carriers to ensure you receive the highest performance and lowest pricing available.

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Our Vendor Management Services Include

PEI can maintain and renew your contracts for factory service, factory support, and software licensing. Our Contract Management staff provides comprehensive, cost-effective coverage for equipment and software from most leading vendors.

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PEI is a reseller of most major brands of hardware and software. Use us as your one stop shop for purchasing from brands including Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Dell, Nimble, VMware, KEMP, and more!

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Utilize our technical knowledge and long-term vendor relationships to consolidate vendors or re-evaluate contracts with current vendors. PEI’s Contract and Vendor Management Services include negotiating contracts on your behalf to ensure you get the best possible technical solution for the best price

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PEI will strategically nurture your vendor relationships. We’ll take the time to keep your relationship on track, helping you get the best quality of service and support you need to keep your business going, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

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Let PEI monitor the performance and output of your technology vendors, ensuring the terms of your contracts are being followed. We’ll help you set up clearly defined performance parameters so you know what’s going on with your vendors’ performance and can make informed decisions about your vendors.

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We have strong relationships with these top vendors and more!

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What Can PEI’s Vendor Management Do for You?

Billing Analysis & Review

Contract & Vendor Consolidation

Issue and Dispute Resolution

End-of-Life Prep and Support

Budget Planning & Refresh

Revenue Management & Cost Control

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Minimize Disruption

Protect against the downtime associated with unrenewed contracts or expired support. We’ll co-term contracts to expire when it works for you, and our experts help you find and implement new vendor services that align with your business and lessen disruption from the start.

Get Expert Advice

PEI’s extensive experience with the IT industry means we can help you find vendors and build relationships that align with your business. We’ll use our knowledge to help you create a strategy to fully leverages the capabilities of each vendor in the way that works best for your goals.

Optimize Relationships

With PEI as your Vendor and Contract Management Partner, we manage all aspects of your vendor relationships to ensure more efficient delivery of contracted products and services, so you can get the most value from your vendors and maximize your investments.

Single Point of Contact

Use PEI for all your technical needs. We hold premier partnerships with many major technology vendors. Our vast network means we can connect you with the services you need without the hassle of tracking down individual vendors and their various points of contact.

PEI is Your One-Stop-Shop for Vendor Management

Cable Services

PEI works with almost every Cable company in the US. Charter, Comcast, and Time Warner Cable are just a few. Business Cable Services give companies solutions for phone, internet, Ethernet, and cable television networks.

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Carrier Services

PEI has created strategic partnerships with 70+ carriers and suppliers that operate across the United States. Use Carrier Services for WAN, SIP trunking, broadband, Ethernet, MPLS, and VPN services.

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Cloud Services

PEI provides organizations with over 40 Cloud solution options. Use Cloud Solutions for Disaster recovery and business continuity, unified communications, infrastructure, and desktop services.

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Pair our Contract and Vendor Management with our Managed IT Services

PEI’s contact and vendor management services give you more time to focus on achieving your business goals by eliminating the time you spend vetting, selecting, and managing the services and carriers you need to keep your business running.

Use our Managed Services to free up even more time for running your business and give your IT Team the freedom to focus on more strategic technology initiatives. We’ll proactively monitor your IT systems to identify and solve problems before they turn into larger issues that cause downtime!

Our Managed Services are available 24/7. Our engineers are 100% local–never outsourced to other locations or countries. And, we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that fits your needs and aligns with your business goals!

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Make technology work for your business. Find a partner to help you get there.

IT Contract Management Services

PEI’s Contract Management Services allow you to operate your business without worrying about having protection and support in place for your critical equipment or the latest updates for your software. We’ll manage, monitor, and maintain all your support and maintenance contracts through our dedicated staff whose primary focus is on providing you with comprehensive, and cost-effective coverage.

Contract Management Services:

  • Timely contract renewals
  • Rapid support on products
  • Prompt software product updates
  • Zero cost of replacement parts and labor with the proper maintenance contracts
  • Budgetary planning on maintenance contracts
  • Co-terming contracts to expire at your desired times
  • Extending the life of your technology investment
  • Significantly reducing the downtime of hardware

Common Contracts We Manage

Cisco SMARTnet Hardware or Software Remote & Onsite Support

Barracuda Hardware Instant Replacement, Energize Updates, & Cloud Storage

AudioCodes Hardware or Software Support & Replacement

Microsoft Licensing & Software Assurance

Nimble Hardware or Software Support

VMware Licensing Subscriptions & Support

KEMP Premium Support

HP Remote and Onsite Support

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IT Hardware & Software Procurement

When you work with PEI to purchase hardware and software, you get the added benefit of working with a partner who’s familiar with your environment and with IT industry trends and standards. We can guide you towards the hardware and software solutions that will work best for your business and move you towards your business goals—at no cost to you. You can purchase hardware and software from us at MSRP price (or better) and our consultations are always free!

PEI’s long-standing and far-reaching relationships with most major hardware and software vendors mean we can be your primary source for all your hardware and software needs. Plus, when you purchase your hardware or software through us, we can manage your renewals, warranties, and support contracts for more efficient management of your investment!

We sell hardware and software from these major brands and more!

PEI Software and Hardware vendor partner logos

Provisioning and Internet Services

Technology advances are accelerating the integration of communication and IT. With so many options, sourcing, implementing, and maintaining these carrier services is more important than ever before. PEI’s Provisioning Services provide robust solutions for connectivity, internet, Ethernet, and phone systems. We partner with the top carriers in the U.S. and can offer your business the best solution, with the best service, at the most competitive price.

Maintaining robust and reliable internet connectivity is crucial for productivity and collaboration. Our solutions provide businesses with high-capacity connectivity to support data transfers, media sharing, media streaming, and collaboration between employees anywhere in the world. As fast, scalable, and secure internet solutions become a requirement for efficient business, PEI’s internet services are a leader in both technology and capability.

Some of Our Vendors

PEI cable partners

Why Work with PEI for your Telecommunications Services?

PEI has strategic partnerships with most major carriers in the US. By working with PEI instead of directly with the carrier, you’ll get an invested partner and single point of contact who will

  • Learn your business structure and goals up front
  • Understand your IT infrastructure and how it integrates with your carrier service needs
  • Do the research to source the optimal solution & negotiate contracts
  • Stay on to handle all customer service and escalations
  • Become an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem

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