Local Financial Services Firm Boosts Efficiency with Managed Services

New Direction Trust Company uses fully outsourced Managed Services to free up internal IT resources and supercharge business efficiency.

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The Challenge: An Inflexible Existing Landscape

Your IT team can be one of your greatest assets, but when your team is bogged down by routine admin tasks, troubleshooting, and more, they aren’t able to focus on strategic IT initiatives.

Uptime Institute’s 2022 Outage Analysis Report found that over 60% of outages cost more than $100,000. Downtime continues to become an increasingly high cost to incur. Not only is it a financial strain, but a strain on your IT team. While your team is busy remediating shutdowns and slowdowns, the projects that drive your business forward fall to the side.

When deciding where to start, New Direction wanted to focus on unburdening their internal IT talent. This meant looking closely at inflexible on-premises systems that were not adaptable to unexpected interruptions, complex systems with little integration, and strategic setbacks that caused their IT team to shift their focus to troubleshooting slowdowns.

Our Strategy: Fully Outsourced Managed Services

PEI worked with this customer to set up a fully outsourced Managed Services plan focused on proactivity and strategic IT planning. 

User Helpdesk

PEI put a user helpdesk in place and took over day-to-day administration tasks to allow internal IT talent to focus on strategic IT initiatives.

vCIO Services

New Direction company took advantage of the vCIO sessions included in their Managed Services Plan to create a roadmap for moving their business forward strategically.

Systems Migration

Once the road map was in place, New Direction contracted PEI to migrate their systems to a cloud-based infrastructure and create a more agile IT environment.

The Results: Supercharged Business Efficiency

End-user support, IT Road mapping, and Cloud Migration helped this financial firm boost business efficiency and productivity.

Unburdened IT Team

User helpdesk and system administration tasks that bogged down internal talent were offloaded to PEI. Natural disasters mean no interruption for users or significant burden on the IT team.

Strategic Roadmapping

The team’s increased bandwidth coupled with vCIO strategic planning meant they could work with industry experts to create a roadmap for improving inefficient systems.

Agility Realized

The financial services company worked with PEI to migrate to an agile, cloud-based infrastructure that allows for systems integration, automation, and seamless moving between tasks.

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