Duration:  1 hour

Presented by:   Tim Krueger – President, PEI  |  Shane Skrilletz – Director of Managed Services, PEI  |  Julie Almeida – Business Continuity Specialist, Datto

Ransomware/CryptoLocker is one of 2016’s hottest topics with business owners. Each month, thousands of businesses are forced to pay millions in ransom dollars to release their hostage data.  And as a small business owner, the last thing you want is to lose your critical data to a cyber criminal and fund global data crime’s next project.  Fortunately, there is a solution: Datto’s Business Continuity. Not sure if disasters can hit you? Most disasters are actually caused by human error!

Over our 28 years of experience, PEI’s senior level engineers have successfully executed more than 7,000 IT projects.  PEI is one of Microsoft’s foremost Skype for Business launch partners in the United States.  Click here to see more reasons why PEI is the best IT partner for your organization.

Join this webinar to learn 5 critical ways that Business Continuity helps thousands of businesses secure data, and stay profitable including:cryptolocker-2.0

  • How to shield your business from the inevitable threat of Ransomware and viruses
  • How easy it is to keep your network running in the event of a server crash, power outage, or a natural disaster
  • How to calculate your ACTUAL cost of Data Downtime (It is higher than you think!)

If you have any doubts about your network security, the real cost of downtime, or are simply curious about Data Backup and Business Continuity, then sign up for this free 60 minute webinar today to get your business properly protected.

Questions?  Contact us at: info@pei.com or call (303) 823-4321.

PEI is a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner specializing in IT support and solutions for small to medium businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region. Click Here to learn more about us.

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