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Email Security Layered Approach

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Email is one of the most common threat vectors in the modern technology landscape, delivering everything from one-click malware to highly targeted and multi-touch social engineering attacks. Your inbox is a target, so how will you protect your business from email threats?

In this workbook, learn how to create a multi-layer strategy to protect against costly threats. This includes configuring what you already have and options to invest in more advanced security solutions. Learn what you should be taking into consideration when deciding on your approach to email security.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for email security, but this workbook can help you better understand the three levels of protection that should be at play in your email security strategy, and help you identify how they meet the needs of your business.

Layer 1:

Foundational Policy Setup and Configuration

Before you start looking for additional software packages to enhance email security, configure what you already have available. Learn how to configure the foundational elements of your email security strategy (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) in just a few simple steps.

Layer 2:

Advanced Filtering and Protection Providers

Once you have your foundational security elements optimized, you’re ready to start looking for Advanced Filtering Packages. Learn about Link Protection; Attachment Protection; and Advanced Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spoofing, Anti-Spam, and Anti-Malware policies.

Layer 3:

Email Security and the Cyber Security Ecosystem

The various elements of your cyber security ecosystem should be working together to protect your business. Discover where this overlap may be lacking in your email and cyber security strategy and learn best practices for bridging these gaps.

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