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Wireless Network Solutions - Modern Business Application User

Work with PEI to ensure your wireless network delivers on performance, availability, and security.

We’re a Cisco Premier Partner and have been working with Cisco since 1996.

Our engineers have extensive experience designing and deploying enterprise-class wireless networks. We can help you get started with 802.11ac Wave 2—the latest Wi-Fi standard—or help you find a solution that fits the needs of your business. We don’t stop at just installing the necessary hardware and software, we carefully integrate each component of your wireless network to create a cohesive environment with optimal performance.

Wireless access has become a requirement for business.

With the increasing need for mobility in the modern workplace, your wireless network needs to be able to keep up with the increasing number of connected devices and the constant demand for availability. With PEI’s wireless services, you can ensure your wireless networks boost employee productivity and collaboration with the highest speeds possible in every corner of your workspace.

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PEI’s Wireless Networking Services

Network Assessment
& Optimization

PEI can examine and assess your current wireless network architecture and congifuration to identify weak areas or potential security concerns. We can analyze broadcast frequencies, signal strengths, channel conflicts, or interference and congestion points on your network to determine issues and recommend remediation activities that will improve your network’s performance.

Network Design
& Implementation

Our certified engineers can design a wireless network architecture that takes into account the specific needs of your unique environment, such as segregating traffic to discourage interference or providing secure guest access. Then, we’ll install and configure your wireless infrastructure according to your customized strategy, including access points, wireless LAN controllers, switches, structured cabling, and more.

Network Support
& Management

Maximize ROI and ensure maximum availability for your wireless network with PEI’s Wireless Network Management and Support. We can monitor your wireless solution to protect against service interruptions, perform administrative tasks to keep your network functioning optimally and securely, and provide you with access to our 24/7 network support.

PEI Works with Industry-Leading Wireless Solutions from Cisco

Cisco’s industry-leading wireless solutions deliver on speed, reliability, and security. Cisco access points integrate perfectly with Cisco’s scalable and fast-throughput controller and switching platforms to support the latest advancements in wifi technology and handle the increasingly dense traffic volumes from mobile applications, bring-your-own-device programs, and the growing numbers of users, devices, IoT connections, and applications.

cisco wireless networking access points

Cisco Wireless Access Points

Cisco Wireless Access Points support 802.11ac Wave 2—the latest wifi technology—and can transmit data at speeds beyond 1Gbps. As the number of connected devices  increases, Cisco Access Points provide the performance and functionality to support wifi and mobility for your business now and into the future with improved employee and customer experiences. Cisco access points also act as your network’s first line of defense, securing your network while predicting and responding to threats.

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Cisco Wireless Networking Wireless LAN Controllers

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers give you a centralized space for the configuration and management of your access points and increase your visibility into and control over your network with integrated content filtering and security. Plus, the latest controllers feature greater availability and resiliency capabilities with automated failover and faster restart times for enhanced uptime. With throughput fast enough to support the latest wifi technologies, your network will be ready for denser traffic and high-bandwidth apps.

Get Started Finding a Solution!Get Started Finding a Solution!

Why Work with PEI and Cisco for Your Wireless Networking Project?

Maximize Availability

PEI can monitor your wireless network to prevent service interruptions, keeping your employees connected to the resources they need to do their jobs and ensuring your business stays operational. Plus, automated failovers on Cisco Wireless Controllers mean uninterrupted application availability and greater productivity.

Streamline Speed

We’ll design your network to deliver the highest speeds possible to every corner of your office. With the latest technology from Cisco, your wireless network can handle industry-leading speeds and you’ll receive automatic airwave management, mitigated radio interference, and more to deliver optimized performance.

Simplify Management

Cisco Wireless LAN Solutions deliver a centralized configuration and management experience, with advanced services to increase your visibility into and control over your wireless network. Plus, built-in security features help you uncover and respond to threats.

Wireless Network Management

PEI’s Wireless Managed Services can simplify the management of our wireless network. Let us handle administrative and management tasks to maximize your network’s availability, performance, and security while you and your IT team are free to work on more strategic initiatives. We catch problems before they grow into larger issues that cause downtime. And if there ever is an issue, our support team is available any time of day or night, 365 days a year, to determine the cause and deliver a solution.

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24/7 Monitoring and Support

We’ll monitor your network for performance and security to prevent service interruptions and maximize availability.

  • Performance and security monitoring
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting for events, system health, and usage
  • Configuration and tuning of alerts from the syslog server
  • 24/7/365 proactive and reactive issue identification and resolution

Management and Administration

Our team will manage your wireless network and perform administrative tasks proactively to prevent problems.

  • Proactive maintenance, management, and patching of devices
  • Automated configuration of backups
  • Security auditing, intrusion detection, and compliance management
  • Equipment management including troubleshooting and escalation to vendors


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