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Discover Microsoft Azure and the transformative power of cloud computing to eliminate traditional business constraints.

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Make the Most of Azure Computing with PEI

No matter where your organization is in your cloud journey, PEI can help. We’re a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform and Gold Datacenter Partner—the highest certification for delivering Microsoft Azure support and cloud services. Whether you’re looking to develop a custom cloud strategy, get support for an existing Azure environment, or start or expand your cloud practice, PEI’s team of senior-level engineers can help align your cloud journey to the specific goals of your business.


Work with our Azure architects to build a personalized strategy for moving your workloads to the cloud, assessing infrastructure readiness, and performing a cost analysis.

Start Building a StrategyStart Building a Strategy


Our Microsoft-certified Azure engineers can build any combination of Azure solutions to align with your cloud strategy and improve your operational ROI by solving business problems.

Grow Your Cloud PracticeGrow Your Cloud Practice


Properly managing your Azure environment is not always as easy as it looks. Use our Azure Support or 24/7 Management to ensure your business gets the most value from your investment.

Manage Your EnvironmentManage Your Environment

What Can Azure Help Your Business Achieve?


When your systems live in the cloud, you always have access to the latest functionality in intelligent threat detection and prevention. This means no more trying to bolster the security of physical systems optimized for decades-old threats.

Security and privacy are built into Microsoft Azure from the ground up, giving you complete visibility into and control over security threats. Azure uses multi-layered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence capabilities to identify and protect against increasingly advanced attacks. And, Azure’s compliance coverage is more comprehensive than any other cloud provider, with more than 90 international and industry-specific compliance offerings.


Reduce overhead costs associated with data storage, server maintenance, and networking—costs that are especially hard on smaller businesses.

With Azure, you pay as you go, so you only pay for what you use with no hefty upfront expenses. This gives organizations of any size the computing power of much larger organizations without the need to invest in expensive server hardware or a large IT staff to manage it. And if your business changes tomorrow, it’s easy to change the scale and scope of your Azure solution.


If your services and systems aren’t available, your business can’t run. This can mean a serious loss in revenue each time your business experiences unplanned downtime.

Microsoft Azure offers more than 99.99% guaranteed uptime, so you can be confident your systems will always be available. Take your availability one step further with high availability, data backup, and disaster recovery solutions to meet and significantly improve even the most rigorous business reliability and recovery standards.


Keeping your business competitive means adapting to a constantly changing business landscape. To stay ahead of the curve and compete with businesses wielding much larger IT budgets and teams, you need the ability to skip lengthy ordering, building, and deploying processes.

Azure allows you to make changes to your existing solutions and add new capabilities in hours instead of weeks, keeping your business agile enough to respond to even the most abrupt changes in market pressures. Azure’s low development costs also reduce the risk of innovation.


Modern technology solutions not only require more and more computing power as they advance, but are at the same time generating vast amounts of data that needs to be processed and analyzed. Before Azure, capabilities like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation were out of reach for smaller businesses without massive war chests.

These technologies can make a real difference in promoting efficiency and redesigning business processes, and Azure makes it possible for any business to take advantage of powerful solutions at any budget level.

Explore how Microsoft Azure can transform your business and help you reach your goals. Learn more from our team of experts Today!

New to Azure? Start with Your Strategy.

If you’re looking to get started with cloud computing services, the first step is to build a roadmap that aligns with your business strategy. Start with an assessment or one of our other services perfect for beginners below.

Azure Assessment and Planning

Work with our Gold-certified Azure architects to determine which Microsoft Azure capabilities align with your business goals. We’ll assess how compatible your current IT landscape is with cloud computing and build a road map to help you move to the cloud on your own terms.

Azure Domain Controller & Cloud Identity

We can integrate your on-premises Active Directory with the Azure Active Directory and build a domain controller to secure access to the applications you use, increase the effectiveness of managing users and groups, and serve as the foundation for your cloud infrastructure.

Azure Backup of On-Premises Data

Get started in the cloud with a workload that protects data where it already lives—your on-premises datacenter—and immediately eliminates costs associated with backup tapes, hardware and maintenance, and off-site storage. Azure backup offers unlimited scalability with 99.9% service availability.

Add These Capabilities to Your Azure Practice

Or find support, monitoring, and management for your business’s cloud environment.

Identity and Security Management

Azure Active Directory

Provide single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to simply access.

Azure Multi-Factor Authentication

Safeguard access to data and applications to protect users from cybersecurity attacks.

Privileged Identity Management

Manage, control and monitor access to important resources in your organization.

Azure Enterprise Applications

Manage user access across your applications with a single cloud-based solution.

Azure Information Protection

Add persistent classification, labeling and protection to sensitive information shared internally and externally.

Infrastructure and Storage

Azure Compute (IaaS)

Extend your datacenter to the cloud with instant, secure, and scalable infrastructure.

Azure Storage

Highly available, secure, redundant, and massively scalable cloud storage.

Azure Backup

Backup data no matter where it lives to the cloud to eliminate costs with 99.9% service availability.

Azure Site Recovery

Restore systems and keep applications running during planned or unplanned outages.

Azure Migrate

Plan, track, and execute your migration of infrastructure, apps, and data to Azure.

Device Management


Manage and protect devices while automating deployment, provisioning, and policy management. Protect data on un-enrolled devices.

Device Compliance

Define rules and settings that users and devices must meet to be compliant and enforce them by blocking non-compliant entities from accessing resources with conditional access.

Software Updates

Use Intune to manage software updates on all of your devices, configure a non-disruptive rollout strategy, and create group-specific policies.

Windows Autopilot

Automate new device set up and configuration processes to streamline new device onboarding and simplify the device lifecycle.

Networking and Traffic Management

Azure Networking

Connect Azure services and on-premises resources using VNets, VPNs, and more.

Azure DNS

Host your Domain Name Systems in Azure to manage DNS records and provide name resolution through the Azure infrastructure.

Traffic Manager

Improve app performance with automatic DNS traffic management and load balancing across datacenters.

Application Gateways

Manage traffic to your web applications with routing and load balancing.

Web Application Firewall

Provide centralized protection for web apps with Web Application firewall.

Monitor and Management

Azure Monitor

A comprehensive suite of application and service availability and performance management tools.

Application Insights

Use powerful analytics tools to diagnose issues and understand user patterns for your applications.

Azure Automation

Automate frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone cloud management tasks to reduce errors and boost efficiency across Azure and non-Azure environments

Desired State Configuration

Write, manage, compile, and assign PowerShell Desired State Configurations through a single, cloud-based solution.

Azure App Service

Quickly build and host powerful cloud apps for any platform or device.

Azure 24/7 Managed Services and Support

PEI provides full production support and management for your Azure environment with access to local 24/7 help desk services. Our Microsoft-certified engineers can help you secure, manage, and optimize your cloud environment.

Learn About Managed ServicesLearn About Managed Services

We engaged PEI to help us perform a financial analysis of moving one of our data centers to Azure. [PEI] led us through the evaluation process to determine which servers were Azure-worthy and helped us identify the proper sizing of each server to ensure we weren’t overspending or under-utilized. [PEI] also beat our expectations by providing multiple estimates for our new Azure environment based on a certain level of optimization. This gave us the ability to be conservative when planning, but realize there could be greater savings with right-sizing our servers

Austin HInfrastructure Project Manager

Cloud Computing Services that Drive Your Business Forward

Discover how PEI can manage your complete cloud life cycle with cloud services and management that solve business problems.

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