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The Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is Microsoft’s multi-faceted approach for successful deployment of and migration to Skype for Business. As a SOF partner, PEI can guide you through the complete Skype for Business lifecycle of planning, deploying, and operating to ensure that Skype for Business is implemented and managed correctly for optimum performance. Microsoft chose PEI as one of only 14 initial SOF partners, recognizing PEI as a leader in delivering Microsoft Solutions. PEI is also one of the only SOF partners with packages targeted at the small to midsized organization.

Award-Winning Microsoft Gold Partner

PEI has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2005, and our engineers hold multiple Gold and Silver Microsoft Unified Communications Certifications. We focus our hiring efforts on mid- to senior-level engineers, housing a team with over 120 years of combined experience. We understand that every organization’s Unified Communications journey is unique, and we deliver value by working with you to understand your business objectives and mapping out your technology to enhance these goals.

PEI specializes in long-term relationships where each customer is vital to our success. All of our customers are “customers for life,” and we use our partnerships and experience to help them drive real business results. Read more about what our customers have to say about PEI. 

Skype for Business Video Transcript

Simultaneous Ring and Call Forwarding are great features for anyone who’s away from their desk or out of the office. It helps ensure that you and your team never miss an important call.

  • With Simultaneous Ring, the call will ring on your Skype Phone as well as the secondary phone number you designate, simultaneously. Usually, the second phone is your cell phone.
  • With Call Forwarding, the call will only ring on the number you designate, and NOT on your Skype Phone. This is generally used to send calls straight to voice mail or to another member of your team when you are out of the office. I will talk about how to forward calls after they ring to you and you don’t answer them at the end of this video.

To activate Simultaneous Ring, click the Phone Icon at the bottom of your Contact List. Scroll down to Simultaneously Ring, and choose from the options. I can choose from my work number, my mobile number, or choose a new number.

  • If I click New Number, window pops up and I can enter the number and hit okay. I’m not going to do that, so I’ll just hit cancel.
  • So, if I go back to the Phone Icon, Simultaneously Ring, and choose my work number, then this will turn Simultaneous Ring on. And right down here, you can see it now says, “Simultaneous Ring On.”
  • If you want to check which number your calls are ringing to, you can select the Phone Icon, scroll down to Simultaneously Ring, and there will be a check next to the option you’ve selected.
  • When I want to turn it off, I just click on the Phone Icon, and select Turn Off Call Forwarding. This option will turn off Simultaneous Ring and Call Forwarding—it works for both. And you can see here that Skype now says, “Call Forwarding Off,” to indicate that neither Simultaneous Ring nor Call Forwarding is on.

To set up Call Forwarding, it’s a very similar process: click the Phone Icon and choose Forward Calls To. There are different options available for forwarding calls. I can still forward them to my work number or mobile, but now I have the option for New Name or Contact. If you have voicemail, the option to forward to voicemail would be between these two options on this list.

  • This will open up a separate window, where I can either choose one of my existing contacts or enter a new number into this field at the top. To choose a contact, I can right click and choose one of these options, or hover over their image, click the down arrow next to the Call Icon and choose from the same options here.
  • I’m going to forward my calls to Adam’s voicemail.
  • An alert will pop up at the top of my Contact List that call forwarding is turned on. I can click Turn Off at any time to turn it off, or I can select the Phone Icon and choose Turn Off Call Forwarding like we did for Simultaneous Ring.

It’s also important to know that if you make an emergency services call, any call forwarding rules you’ve set will be automatically turned off for 2 hours so that emergency personnel can reach you and respond. If this happens and you want to reset your call forwarding options, you can go back down to the Phone Icon.

To change or view your Call Forwarding Settings, you can choose Call Forwarding Settings. Here I can also turn on or off call forwarding and simultaneous ring or change the numbers that my calls are ringing to. I can also examine my current Call Forwarding Settings.

  • This is where, I have the option to forward the call only after I’ve had a chance to answer it by changing the action here in the Unanswered Calls Will Go To section. This usually determines how long a call will ring before going to voicemail, but if I click here, I can choose to send the calls to another number if I don’t pick up and I can decide how long I want the call to ring to me before moving on.

If I hit OK, Skype for Business will save my settings, and that’s how you set up Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ring in Skype for Business.

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