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PEI's Managed Services Keep IT Under Control

Managed Services can help transform the role of IT in your business. Instead of seeing technology as a cost center, you can flip the equation with an environment that works to actively drive success for your business. We offer comprehensive plans that range from helping you keep track of your environment to fully outsourced IT, or we can help you manage specific applications that require more advanced skills.

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Use Managed Services to Solve Your Business Problems

Add Proactivity to Your Strategy.

It’s hard to be proactive when your IT team is forced to spend their time chasing down immediate threats instead of working to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Keep your business ahead of these threats with 24/7 monitoring across your entire environment that continually evaluates your services and devices for warning sings and alerts your designated response team—your engineers or ours—to solve the issue before it affects your bottom line.

Go even further to prevent business interruptions with proactive administration services that help your systems run more smoothly by preventing routine maintenance tasks like patching and defragmentation from piling up.


24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
PEI Insight Assessments
Automated Incident Resolution
Timely Patching Protocols

Customizable Alerting and Logging
Service Interruption Analysis
Backup Administration
Data Restore Administration

Managed it services

Keep Systems Secure and Operational.

When you don’t have access to your systems because of a security breach or unplanned downtime, your business can’t run and you can’t deliver your services or keep your promises to customers.

Build a solid security foundation with Insight Assessments that Identify security vulnerabilities. Plus, timely patching protocols and antivirus administration keep devices and users protected from the latest threats. Then, use our engineers to configure advanced security policies to keep the most sophisticated threats out.

Maximize uptime with proactive monitoring and infrastructure management that detect warning signs early and alert your response teams. Plus, if you do experience an emergency, our data backup and disaster recovery administration get your business back on track fast.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
PEI Insight Assessments
Automated Incident Resolution
Patching and Antivirus Management

Backup and Restore Management
DNS Filtering Administration
EM+S Administration
Office 365 Security Management

Security and Uptime Service Screenshot

Eliminate Endless User Queries and Admin Tasks.

You count on your IT team to provide value for your business, but what happens when they are stuck answering endless user queries and performing dozens of repetitive administrative tasks?

Supercharge user productivity with end-user support for your most common applications and devices. Cut down on needless tickets with our extensive library of Windows 10 and Office 365 training content to help end-users find answers to their questions before they become support tickets.

Keep your IT Team focused on more strategic initiatives. We can automate your most common administrative tasks, and our engineers can handle the rest to keep your IT team focused on what matters—driving success for your business.

Windows and Office Support
Browser & Equipment Support
Self-Paced Online Training
Training Content and Videos

Proactive Infrastructure Management
Automated Incident Resolution
Backup & Recovery Administration
Streamlined Office 365 Management

End User Support Managed Services

Access Experienced Experts for Advanced Tasks.

With the constantly increasing pace of technology advancement, it can be tough for your engineers to stay up-to-speed on all of your most advanced applications. Not to mention, your IT team probably already has a full plate keeping systems functioning properly and online.

Maximize your returns on advanced applications that require targeted expertise with our subject-matter experts available to ensure your systems are properly configured and optimized to provide the most value for your business.

Convert IT from a cost center to a primary revenue driver by taking advantage of the latest technological advancements without worrying about your IT team being able to keep up.

DNS Filtering Administration
EM+S Administration
Microsoft Azure Management
Office 365 Management

Advanced Network Management
Microsoft Teams Management
Skype for Business Server Management
SCCM and Intune Management

Advanced IT Support Azure Dashboard

Know What's Happening With Your Tech.

When you already have a full schedule running your business and making critical decisions, it can be difficult to keep track of every change or addition to your technology environment.

Get a partner to help you figure it all out. Our comprehensive monitoring lets your IT team know the current status of devices and systems and when action needs to be taken.

Our Insight Assessments scan your environment to provide you with thorough intel on the state of your environment—security vulnerabilities, out-of- compliance hardware, network device inventory, and more.

Then, work with our expert advisors to understand where you stand and how you can make strategic decisions about your environment that help you reach your business goals.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
PEI Insight Assessments
Proactive Health Checks

Compliance Reports
Strategic Planning Services
Service Interruption Analysis

Technology Analytics and Usage Data

Managed Services Plans

Discover modern monitoring, management, and protection that drive results for your business.

Silver Plan

End-User Management

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Great Starter Plan! If you're not satisfied, cancel after 3 months!

End-User management keeps users productive and your IT team unburdened.

Help desk support for your users
Timely patching for their devices
Endpoint detection and response management
Microsoft or Google account creation and management

Simplify day-to-day IT administration, monitoring, and tracking.

24/7 monitoring on your workstations, servers, and network
Quarterly summary and status reports
Basic infrastructure management

Gold Plan

Proactive Environment Management

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All features from the Silver Plan are included in the Gold Plan!

vCIO services ensure your IT initiatives are aligned with your business goals.

vCIO strategic IT planning sessions
IT budgeting and project planning
Semi-Annual security assessments

Proactive environment management reduces your risk of downtime.

Advanced infrastructure and networking monitoring and management
Existing backup monitoring and alerting
ISP support and vendor escalation
Office 365 backup and recovery

Security essentials provide fundamental protection for your business.

Email and DNS Filtering
Existing firewall management
Security awareness training for users

Platinum Plan

Comprehensive Security Protection

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All features in the Silver and Gold Plans are included in the Platinum Plan!

Comprehensive security management that drastically decreases your risk.

Security policy management
Mobile device management
Secure Score review and optimization
Multifactor authentication
Log management
Dark web scanning
Data encryption

Extra downtime protection and cost savings with our Managed Backup add-on included.

Managed storage hardware
Daily or custom backup intervals
Backup verification and testing
Data restoration
Not sure which plan is the best fit for your business? Contact us today, and we'll help you get started building a plan that works for your business!

Focus Your Services with Application Management Plans

Microsoft teams icon

Microsoft Teams

Optimize systems to facilitate effortless communication and take advantage of advanced features.

Call quality monitoring and reports

Endpoint support and updates

Microsoft ticket escalation

Cloud Voicemail, call queue, auto attendant management

Skype for business end-user training icon

Skype for Business Server

Increase phone system availability and uptime with server management and optimization.

Voice gateway monitoring

Cloud Voicemail management

Patch management

Response group and auto attendant configuration

system center icon

SCCM & Intune

Achieve granular control of your environment to eliminate security risks and simplify management.

Ad-hoc training of IT staff

Environment monitoring

New app packages and OSD images

Package, driver, build, and antivirus updates

Azure Icon

Microsoft Azure

Take advantage of powerful cloud services with advanced configurations and architecture validation.

Identity services

Advanced security features

Data backup and recovery services

Cost management and machine scale evaluation

Office 365 Icon

Microsoft / Office 365

Account, security, and configuration management to help you get the most from your productivity software.

License and account management

Exchange Online configuration

Regular update installation

Ongoing security monitoring and advanced feature setup

Network & Connectivity

Simplify network management and increase uptime with proactive monitoring and detailed documentation.

Device and log monitoring

Device configuration backups

Edge Monitoring for ISPs

Service monitoring—website scrape, NTP monitoring, tunnel, etc.

Contact us to learn more about our application management plans or build a quote to get started today!

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PEI has been an incredible asset to our firm. They’ve been there for us in emergencies, and they’ve been instrumental in planning projects to grow our business. I would definitely recommend PEI to anyone looking for tech support assistance.

Sean BraistedReese Henry & Company, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies can PEI support?

PEI can support a wide breadth of common business IT systems. Some of the most common vendors we offer support for are Microsoft (Office 365, Azure, Windows, SCCM), Cisco, Dell Networks, Meraki, VMware, and more! We also offer support for Macs.

Does PEI offer 24/7 support?

Yes, PEI offers 24/7 infrastructure management and monitoring support. This means that no matter when your systems or network goes down, we are ready to help get your business running again.  However, our end-user support for items like password resets or printer troubleshooting is limited to business hours.

Are PEI's monitoring and alerting services offered 24/7?

Yes. We can monitor servers, network devices, and more to ensure they’re up and running even when you’re not in the office.

Does PEI offer fully outsourced plans that include end-user support (helpdesk)?

Yes. PEI offers complete helpdesk services for your users on Windows, Office, and office equipment such as servers, storage, and cloud solutions.

I don’t need end-user support, does PEI have plans without it?

Yes, we offer co-managed plans where we provide management and monitoring for infrastructure and network devices without end user support. This can be a good fit for organizations that have an internal IT Team to answer end-user questions and support tickets.

Will I get the same engineer assigned to my company every time I have a problem?

Not always. Many of our engineers are highly specialized in their fields, so your IT issues will always be assigned to the most relevant engineer available. We have an extensive documentation system that keeps all of our engineers on the same page and ready to jump into your issue—even if they haven’t worked with you before.

Can PEI only work with my Colorado location?

No, we can deliver our services all across the US—and even outside it in some cases.

How does pricing work for PEI's managed services plans?

For our Managed Services plans, we offer two pricing methods. For fully outsourced plans (where we provide assistance to your end users as well as management for your infrastructure and network) we price per user. For our co-managed plans (where we work with your IT team or administrator to manage infrastructure and network devices) we price per device.

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