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“My Company, MGMA, has leveraged this Great Microsoft partner in PEI for the past 4 years now. We count on them as experts in the everything Microsoft world. They are a trusted and incredibly knowledgeable partner, and an invaluable resource to my organization!”

Vince Cacciato


“We have been partnering with PEI for about 10 years now and I can tell you, they are end-to-end professionals in nature and at the top of their field. They help us with everything from Cisco maintenance and monitoring to security questions to general product recommendations and everything in between. Since 2020, PEI has been our managed services provider, and I cannot say enough great things about them. They are customer-friendly and honestly always there when we need them. I work for a small non-profit and am treated as if I were CEO of a large for-profit organization. That’s just the type of organization and employee-base PEI is all about. Their staff is worth their weight in gold!”

Elizabeth Cochran

The University of New Mexico Foundation

“Look no further than PEI!!! We use PEI not only for the implementation of Teams Voice and MS365 but are on their monthly plan to be available for our entire companies’ IT needs. This has proven invaluable to us for everything from seamlessly onboarding employees to after-hour emergencies. Thank you, PEI!”

Kim Burns

Power Technologies

See Real Results For Real Businesses

PEI worked with a local financial services firm to set up a fully outsourced Managed Services plan focused on proactivity and strategic IT planning. The results: an unburdened IT team and supercharged business efficiency!

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“PEI is wonderful! Their knowledge is phenomenal, and they will tell you the truth about what your business needs to stay safe and operational. They don’t cut corners to save money either. Another thing we are grateful for is, they take the time to vet the programs they use, such as storage, cyber security, etc. PEI also stays up to date with the market as well! There was a better solution to a storage product we had, and they were the ones that told us about switching to it. PEI cares about their customers’ needs and they don’t leave you setup with the same stuff from when you got onboarded with them years ago! You can trust that PEI will keep your business safe and up to date with current technologies. PEI’s customer service is great too! I want to shout out to Josh, Joe, Matt and Beth! These folks rock!”

Randy Ristine

Pinery Water & Wastewater District

“PEI has been an invaluable partner in our journey to consolidate and migrate all of our legacy brands to a single Microsoft Tenant and under a unified email domain as well. Their expertise, responsiveness, and dedication ensured a seamless transition, allowing Talent Groups to move forward quickly with confidence and cohesion. Kudos to the PEI team for their exemplary work.”

Matthew Ripaldi

Talent Groups

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“Jake and team have helped us make sure our Azure site is secure and operational. They answer questions fast and are excellent to work with. Highly recommended!”

Bill Ross


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“We have been working with PEI for many years, on many projects. When it comes to technology they are on the lead. PEI engineers are always on top and leading the way to the edge of the technology, they are very professional, friendly and getting the job done to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend PEI.”

Nassef Tewfik

Johannessen Trading Co

“We’ve worked with PEI to update our technology through many key initiatives over the years, from networking, application and server migrations in Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and the rest of the Office 365 on-prem environment to Azure and the Microsoft 365 cloud. The staff at PEI maintain a high level of professionalism and experience, from the sales staff to the project managers and engineers. Our team has the highest confidence in them to help plan and execute projects and they have never let us down! I think one thing that separates PEI from a lot of other Partners in the area is how well they retain their highly-qualified staff. PEI continues to demonstrate expert proficiency in the projects they agree to take on. Working with a vendor with so much experience and expertise has saved our company a great deal of time and money and has allowed us to execute our IT initiatives with little to no downtime and few unexpected issues.”

Seo Tapia

National Cattlemen's Beef Association

“PEI has been an incredible asset to our firm. They’ve been there for us in emergencies, and they’ve been instrumental in planning projects to grow our business. I would definitely recommend PEI to anyone looking for tech support assistance.”

Sean Braisted

Reese Henry & Company, Inc.

“PEI was awesome as always for helping me in a bind for an unknown email issue. I was panicked big time and had no email which in my business is a death sentence. So The team quickly assessed my situation and remedied the issue with a solution.”

Mark Gerling

Gerling Travel

A Trusted Security Partner

PEI conducted security assessments and email attack simulations to help a local software firm identify security gaps and plan for future security priorities.

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