Microsoft Teams Introduces a New Ringtone 

Last month Microsoft Teams released a new ringtone to break up the oh so familiar sound of a Teams call. Teams enthusiast Calum Newton (@Candy.Moore.mp3) created a remix of the traditional Teams ringtone that will make you want to dance rather than sigh the next time a call comes through.  

Set your Ringtone in Microsoft Teams 

Setting your ringtone in Microsoft Teams is a simple process that can brighten your day when you receive calls.  

  1. Click the ellipsis next to your Teams profile in the top right corner 
  2. Open your Settings 
  3.  Select Calls from the settings options 
  4. Select the dropdown arrows to select your desired ringtones for Calls for you, Forwarded calls, and Delegated calls to help you differentiate each incoming call.  
Set and Preview Ringtones in Microsoft Teams

Note: You can click the play button next to the dropdown options to play the ringtone.  

  1. Your changes will automatically save when you exit your settings. 

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