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PEI Ranked a Top 50 Microsoft Azure Partner by Cloudtango

By July 28, 2023November 14th, 2023Azure, Blog, Microsoft, News, PEI News
PEI named top Microsoft Azure Partner

Cloudtango placed PEI in a top ten spot on their list of the Top 50 Microsoft Azure Partners

July 28, 2023—Boulder, CO—PEI, a technology consultancy and service provider, has earned a top ten spot on Cloudtango’s select list of the Top 50 Azure Partners in the United States. The independent Managed Services Directory also named PEI a top Managed Services Provider in the U.S.

PEI’s placing on Cloudtango’s list follows the announcement of one new Microsoft designation for Azure Infrastructure and an advanced specialization for Networking Services in Azure. The Azure infrastructure badge recognizes a partner’s ability to drive the migration of workloads to Azure. The Networking Services in Azure showcases the ability to design, implement, operate, and optimize network architecture, cost, and security.

Cloudtango selected PEI as a top Azure Partner for more than just its accreditations from Microsoft. The Managed IT Services Provider is constantly developing and improving its offerings, and Azure services are no exception. In 2021, PEI announced its Azure Optimization Service. This service aims to help clients optimize their Azure spending and resource consumption. Clients are paired with a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert to assess their Azure environment and provide recommendations to align Azure consumption with business goals and budgets.

“Our Azure Optimization Service has been a success since it’s launch. Many businesses have Azure in place, but don’t know how configure the resource in a way that meets their business needs without increasing their spend,” said Jacob Eker, PEI’s Vice President of Engineering. “Since the launch of our Azure Optimization Service, we’ve introduced an Azure Assessment service to help businesses get started with Azure.”

The Azure Assessment service is geared towards businesses who are interested in migrating to Azure but might not understand how Azure can benefit their business specifically. PEI’s Azure Assessment once again pairs clients with one of their Azure Solutions Architects who performs an assessment on client infrastructure. PEI then evaluates how Azure can improve the infrastructure. PEI’s services don’t stop there, though. The Microsoft cloud solution provider can help with anything from planning to managing cloud environments.

“I am extremely proud of PEI’s Azure Assessment service,” said PEI’s Director of Cloud Architecture, Brandon Stuart. “We identified a need in the marketplace for a broader assessment, as traditional Azure assessments often concentrate only on server migrations. Recognizing that our client’s complex environments consist of more than just servers, we crafted an assessment that covers all facets of technology. From infrastructure and security to demystifying Azure services and their costs. After the Azure Assessment you’ll walk away with a migration roadmap and the confidence needed for your successful cloud journey.”

PEI’s dedication to continuously improving cloud services to meet client needs earned the Microsoft Partner a top ranking on Cloudtango’s list of Top Azure Partners. PEI also earned top spots on Cloudtango’s list of Top 100 U.S. Managed Services Providers, and Top 20 Denver MSPs.

About PEI

Since 1988, PEI has grown into a top Managed Services Provider. With more than 30 years of experience deploying advanced engineering solutions centered on collaboration, cloud computing, networking, cyber security, and Managed IT Services, PEI helps local and national businesses use technology to solve their business problems and is committed to driving digital transformation for small and midsize businesses.

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