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Microsoft Cloud Partner to Target Azure Service Optimization and Cost Management

Microsoft Azure

PEI’s Azure Optimization Service will help businesses right-size their resources and spend in Microsoft Azure

August 25, 2021 – Boulder, CO – PEI, a top-rated Microsoft Cloud Partner holding the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform certification, announced today that it is releasing a new Azure consulting service aimed at helping businesses make the most of their Azure spend and resource consumption.  

The Azure Optimization Service will pair businesses with a certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert to examine their existing Azure environment and provide recommendations for best practices in the following categories: cost, security, reliability, operational efficiency, and performance. 

“Many businesses are thrilled to take advantage of the transformative power of Azure, but a few months or years down the road, they find their costs have ballooned or the speed and responsiveness of their business-critical applications is lagging,” said Tim Krueger, PEI’s President and CEO. “We’ve designed this package first and foremost to put our customers back in control of their Microsoft Cloud budget.” 

This package is designed to be delivered collaboratively to clients, giving PEI’s senior-level Azure engineers the opportunity to identify and target long-term business goals and work proactively in the environment to ensure sustained success and performance.  

To deliver on the package’s cost management goal for Azure, PEI’s Azure experts manage the size and number of instances, review historical data to analyze workload demands, identify opportunities for value saving without degrading performance, and implement cost-saving automation. 

Because Azure can serve as the foundation for a business’s most critical infrastructure and applications, PEI has paired cost management with other essential optimization services to address…  

  • Security, by identifying workloads that don’t follow industry best practices and recommending Azure solutions to provide additional insights into threats with increased control over security processes. 
  • Reliability, by reviewing resource versioning and advising on known issues and remediation paths, ensuring that business-critical data is available and protected against accidental deletion or corruption, and identifying both single points of failure and fault tolerance levels across workloads. 
  • Operational Efficiency, by examining workflow efficiency, resource manageability, and deployment of best practices. 
  • Performance, by determining opportunities to improve speed and responsiveness of business-critical apps, optimize CPU resources and memory utilization, track scalability limits, proactively review VPN gateway traffic, and more.  

“I am thrilled about the launch of PEI’s Azure Optimization service,” said Brandon Stuart, Director of Cloud Architecture at PEI. “This is a tool that can closely scan your full Azure environment and pinpoint areas that don’t align with industry best practices or standardized frameworks. But that’s not all; if you’re not looking for recommendations and simply want a unified view of all your Azure resources, we’ve got you covered there as well. Say goodbye to the hassle of digging through countless Azure portals, panes, blades, and service interfaces.”

PEI has received much recognition for its Azure support and consulting services, having been ranked to Cloudtango’s list of Top 50 U.S. Azure Partners and Redmond Channel Partner’s list of Top Microsoft Partners, where PEI received special recognition for its work delivering Microsoft cloud services to their customers.  

About PEI

Since 1988, PEI has grown into a top Microsoft Gold Partner. With more than 30 years’ experience deploying advanced engineering solutions centered on collaboration, cloud computing, networking, cyber security, and Managed Services, we help local and national businesses use technology to solve their business problems and are committed to driving digital transformation for small and midsize businesses. 

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