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PEI Earns Azure Infrastructure Badge in Microsoft’s New Partner Program

By December 6, 2022August 9th, 2023Azure, Blog, Microsoft, News, Office 365, Office 365, PEI News
Microsoft Cloud Partner Program: Azure Infrastructure Designation

Microsoft Partner Achieves Second Badge Two Months into Microsoft’s New Partner Program

December 12, 2022—Denver, CO—PEI, a top Microsoft partner, added a new badge to their growing list of Microsoft designations earlier this month. As a managed services provider and Microsoft consultant, PEI had to part ways with their many silver and gold competencies due to Microsoft’s sunsetting of their original partner program, but they continue to prove themself as a dedicated Microsoft solutions provider. In October, Microsoft officially changed their “Microsoft Partner Network” to the “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.” This updated partner program boils down the familiar silver and gold competencies into six designations partners can earn. PEI earned their Modern Work badge in the first month of the program’s launch and solidified the Azure Infrastructure badge in the second month.

The Modern Work Badge recognized PEI’s successful deployment of Microsoft 365 solutions to drive productivity and ease the transition into hybrid work environments. The Azure Infrastructure badge recognizes a partner’s ability to successfully drive the migration of infrastructure workloads to Azure. As the cloud becomes a more integral part of business operations, PEI is proving their ability to support businesses in the transition as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. When crediting the designation, Microsoft looks for partner skill in cloud activities such as:

  • Designing, operating, and optimizing customers’ cloud infrastructure architecture, cost and security.
  • Migrating and modernizing customers’ infrastructure for virtualized workloads and virtual desktop environments.
  • Management, governance, security and DevOps across Hybrid and Edge with Azure Arc.

PEI is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider that is constantly looking for new ways to improve their cloud services. Just last year, the provider announced their Azure Optimization service aimed at helping businesses analyze and optimize their cloud spending and resource consumption.

Brandon Stuart, PEI’s Director of Cloud Architecture, offered insight into the Azure Optimization service sharing, “PEI’s Azure Optimization service is arguably the most thrilling Azure offering we’ve introduced to date. Imagine a tool that can meticulously scan your entire Azure environment and then pinpoint areas that aren’t in alignment with industry best practices or standardized frameworks. That’s exactly what we’ve done with PEI’s Azure Optimization service.”

Three different categories are taken into consideration when assessing for Partner Solutions designations such as the Azure Infrastructure badge: Performance, Skilling, and Customer Success. The Skilling category requires partners to prove their commitment to working with Azure through intermediate and advanced certifications. PEI has two Azure Architect Experts who also completed this advanced training on the Azure Virtual Desktop track.

PEI’s Vice President of Engineering, Jacob Eker, spoke highly of his team when discussing this new partner designation, “We take pride in our engineering talent here, and since Microsoft announced their new partner program, our team has worked hard to earn these two partner designations. We continue to prove our skill through earning certifications and successfully implementing Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions.” The Microsoft Partner designation is quickly showcasing PEI’s ability to provide best-in-class Microsoft solutions in the changing partner landscape. With two badges secured, the company is now setting its sights on the remaining Microsoft Cloud Partner Program designations.

About PEI

Since 1988, PEI has grown into a top Microsoft IT Consultant. With more than 30 years’ experience deploying advanced engineering solutions centered on collaboration, cloud computing, networking, cyber security, and Managed Services, we help local and national businesses use technology to solve their business problems and are committed to driving digital transformation for small and midsize businesses.   

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