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PEI Cements First of New Microsoft Partner Designations: Modern Work Badge

By December 2, 2022July 17th, 2023Blog, Microsoft, News, Office 365, Office 365, PEI News
PEI attains the Modern Work badge in Microsoft's updated partner program.

Top Microsoft Partner Attains First Designation in Microsoft’s Changing Partner Program 

November 3, 2022—Denver, CO—Microsoft Consultant and Managed IT Services Provider, PEI, cemented their first badge through Microsoft’s newly updated Cloud Partner Program. Microsoft partners like PEI are saying goodbye to the long-recognized silver and gold competencies and turning their eyes to Microsoft’s new Solutions Partner designations. 

Earlier this year Microsoft announced their “Microsoft Partner Network” would undergo a name change to “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program”, but the name isn’t the only change. This remodel includes simplifying the old silver and gold competencies into six partner designations. The new badges partners can earn through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program are Data & AI (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Infrastructure (Azure), Business Applications, Security, and Modern Work.  

PEI is renewing their Microsoft partnership and is already planning for the new partner designations. As of November, the Managed Services Provider already earned the Modern Work Badge. Skills from PEI’s earned gold competencies such as Collaboration and Content, Communications, Cloud Productivity, Messaging, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Windows and Devices fall into the Modern Work Badge. This new designation is awarded to partners who excel in in implementing Microsoft 365 solutions to help clients drive productivity and support the transition to remote and hybrid work. PEI qualified for this designation on both the SMB track and the Enterprise track, showcasing the Microsoft partner’s ability to serve clients across companies of varying sizes. 

In order to receive a Partner Solutions designation such as the Modern Work Badge, partners must demonstrate mastery across three categories: Performance, Skilling, Customer Success.  Performance and Skilling requires partners to deliver consistent performance across many implementations and earn advanced certifications. Microsoft measures Customer Success by adoption and long-term success of the Microsoft 365 solution deployment. The Partner Capability categories ensure badged partners have a well-rounded focus on skills and commitment to delivering topoftheline solutions to clients. Rather than focusing primarily on training and certifications, the new designations take the success of both the customer and solution implementation into account. PEI, like other badged partners, scored highly across the new categories to prove they are a committed solutions partner in order to receive the Modern Work Badge.

“PEI continuously strives to provide the best possible value to our clients, and our role in Microsoft’s updated Cloud Partner Program showcases this commitment,” said Tim Krueger, PEI’s President and CEO. “We’ve dedicated a lot of time implementing Microsoft 365 solutions to help clients adjust to the world of remote and hybrid work. We’re thrilled the Modern Work Badge recognizes this hard work.” 

The Managed IT Services Provider continues to improve its offerings in relation to the Modern Work Badge but is setting its sights towards the five badges left on the table. As a partner once decorated in Gold Competencies PEI will continue to prove these skills through the new designations.  

About PEI

Since 1988, PEI has grown into a top Microsoft IT Consultant. With more than 30 years’ experience deploying advanced engineering solutions centered on collaboration, cloud computing, networking, cyber security, and Managed Services, we help local and national businesses use technology to solve their business problems and are committed to driving digital transformation for small and midsize businesses.   

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