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What are the Technology Mega Trends:

There’s a paradigm shift in how technology is used, information is consumed, and how business gets done. We’re at the beginning of a monumental change that will effect individuals and business alike. Having a solid understanding of these megatrends can help you shape how you do business and interact with others. The proactive company and individual will embrace these changes and stay ahead of the curve. Those more reactive are going to quickly find themselves playing catch-up.

1. The Consumerization trend Driving Innovation

The demand for consumer oriented technology is encroaching on traditional IT. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and employee sourced devices are invading the workspace. In many cases, IT can only respond and accommodate.

2. Acceleration to a Connected World

The worldwide desire to be connected is rapid. With connectivity driving experience, and the online experience demanding high bandwidth, acceptable bandwidth standards are changing.

3. Emerging Markets are Driving Fundamental Shifts

70% of world’s population has never owned a PC. Increases in worldwide access to the internet and expanding bandwidth are going to see billions of new users. Most will connect via tablets and mobile devices. Applications and cloud-based resources are going to change based on more users skipping the PC. Mobile devices are where everyone is going.

4. Cloud

The days of paying for software upgrades are numbered. As consumers and businesses move towards other devices, desktops will become obsolete.

Big IT is making huge plays in mobile and tablet devices and this will drive how businesses and individuals are connected.

5. Evolution of Personal Computing to New Form Factors

The innovation with tablets and mobile devices are replacing PC’s and laptops. While this is happening, people are looking for Transparent Computing. People want the same experience on any device.

6. Redefinition of the Content Experience

The evolution of 3D, pattern recognition, and imaging will change how people view and interact with data, and one another.

7. Visual Technology Transforms Media and Collaboration

Collaboration technology is dropping in price. The notion of video endpoint technology for everyone in an organization is a reality. Call centers are now being called Contact Centers. Support and customer assistance are moving beyond voice incorporating video and other rich media formats.

8. Social Media is Transforming Business

Social media amplifies the voice of customers. We now see it used to recruit. Customers are more tightly connected to the brands they prefer based on social networking. Social networking is also being used to uncover new opportunities and build trust between brands and their customers.

9. Big Data for Small and Medium Businesses

There’s a lot of untapped data being accumulated by small and medium business. New tools and resources originally developed for the Enterprise are becoming more economical for smaller organization. The mountains of data left behind from every transaction will soon be captured and sort in real-time. Presently, less than 5% of SMB leaders have any real time data, but that’s quickly changing.

10. A Mega Upgrade Cycle is Coming

IT underlies every business goal, opportunity and IT challenge. The industry will continue to move from “Internet Ready” to “Cloud Ready”.

Cloud enabled infrastructure will be the name of the game. The goal will be to deliver same experience regardless of access and device.

Tim Krueger, PEI


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