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Support Your Investments

By March 16, 2012June 3rd, 2021Best Practices, Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Support Your Investments

More often than not, when presented with a quote for either hardware or software, there is a maintenance/support quote provided as well. Many people don’t understand why they need to pay additional for this or don’t know what exactly they get with each support contract they purchase. Because of that, I thought I would outline a very short list of the support we recommend with a few of the products we at PEI work with, and provide links to find out more.

1. HP CarePack: Hardware and software support, installation services, education services, and premium support options. An addition to the standard HP warranties. Here is what HP has to say about their CarePack services:

a. “Through HP Care Pack Services we get new systems and services up and running sooner. We help IT professionals use hardware and software effectively. We provide proactive support to help prevent system downtime. And when failures do occur, we provide the level of response you need to meet the needs of your business—whenever and wherever you need it.”

2. Microsoft Software Assurance: Provides many benefits in addition to Microsoft software. It also makes renewing/upgrading your Microsoft products easier. Here’s a brief description from Microsoft:

a. “With its distinctive set of benefits, the Microsoft Software Assurance program is truly unique. It offers new software versions, deployment planning services, 24×7 phone and Web support, end-user training, exclusive desktop technologies and more – all designed to help you get the most from your organization’s Volume Licensing purchases.”

b. “These benefits can vary by volume licensing program (such as an Enterprise Agreement or Open Value Agreement), and the number of qualifying licenses you have enrolled in Software Assurance. Use the resources and tools below to learn more about the Software Assurance benefits available to your organization.”

3. Cisco SMARTnet: With multiple service levels (24×7, 8×5, software support) Cisco SMARTnet support helps you resolve critical network issues. Here’s Cisco’s take on their own product:

a. “Cisco SMARTnet Provides:

i. Global 24 hour access to Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

ii. Access to online knowledge base, communities and tools

iii. Hardware replacement options, including 2-hour, 4-hour, and next business day

iv. Operating system software updates

v. Smart, proactive diagnostics and real-time alerts on devices enabled with Smart Call Home”

Erika Larson, PEI


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