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Showcase the Power of Lync: Tip #5

By July 2, 2012June 7th, 2022Lync Server 2010, Lync Tool Belt, Microsoft

“Get Me a Genius!”: Make a real impact

Showcase the power of Lync.  Tip #5

Stumped by a question? Make ignorance your opportunity! Find the answer from an expert—and show your people how you did it—using Lync + SharePoint.

No need to know who you’re looking for. With a skills search, you can find the expert you need and look like a hero in the process.

To do it: In Lync, start typing keywords in the Search box  Click Skill and let Lync do the rest. Lync finds experts whose skills match in SharePoint. With a click, you can be connected.

That’s real impact.


  • Pat Richard says:

    It should be noted that this requires Skill Search to be configured. Lync MCM and MVP Time Harrington explains the process to get this setup at

  • You have a critical system outage and you need to find the closest engineer with the best skills to fix. You have a strategy session on a new product and you want to get colleagues skilled in product, you can do a skill search instantly inside Lync. Skill searches are fast, easy and straightforward. Users simply select the Skill option when they perform a search from Lync 2010. Users can find people based on keywords such as skills, interests, knowledge, and so on. Users can select a link within the Lync 2010 search results to display them within the native SharePoint search experience.

  • Sugel says:

    If you’re looking to take your Office 365 deployment to the next level, it’s well worth checking out the Office 365 Developer Training Pack . You’ll need a virtual machine which is setup as an “on-premise” server for some of the activities involved in the training. I’d strongly recommend the SharePoint 2010 Information Worker Virtual Machine for this.

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