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Short of Staff

By May 29, 2012March 30th, 2023Blog

Short of Staff

With the economy starting to turn the corner for some industries, companies who had layoffs over the past few years are starting to look at whether or not to rehire some of the individuals that were let go. One area of most companies that were hit hardest was the IT department. Many organizations cut IT positions so that only the very critical support was provided to their organizations. Now with the ability to rehire, companies must decide between bringing in talent or outsource their needs. I personally believe that both are possible.

Having additional full time employees (FTE’s) is always a good path to go down. Nothing will ever replace the personal human touch; however, even with the additional FTE’s that organizations look to bring on, there are still some areas where outsourcing is a good idea. Since companies ran on the lean for so long, the FTE’s that are brought in are usually playing catch up on projects from the mid to late 2000s. By having focus on projects many times the day to day tasks are still left for “later” or forgotten all together. That is why I believe having a Managed Services provider is as critical to hiring on FTE’s. By having a strong Managed Services partner, organizations have the confidence that their “new guys” are handling the bigger projects; while the day to day support, patching, alerting, etc… are being covered outside the organization.

By having both, new employee and Managed Services in place, organizations can be assured that they are no longer just covering the minimum within their company but rather are providing tremendous IT value to their companies.

Arash Zadeh, PEI


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