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Security and Compliance with Microsoft Secure Score

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The Need for a More Secure World

In today’s business environment, we’re always moving: jumping into and out of meetings, checking email and calls, shifting from one hot spot to another. With the fluidity of the modern workplace and being able to work wherever and whenever, there comes inherent risk. Often, we overlook the potential vulnerabilities we’re creating. Whether it’s from unsecured wireless connections or deliberate breaches, policies and technologies that allow us to work from anywhere create even more opportunities for unauthorized access and abuse of private and proprietary information. In this rapidly changing environment, it’s paramount that you secure your data and ensure you’re in compliance now more than ever.

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Microsoft Security and Compliance Features with Office 365

We’ve all heard of security breaches impacting countless organizations and their customers. Each time we do, it’s a reminder of the importance of proactive data protection, breach detection, and threat mitigation. Microsoft has built their security posture with this reality in mind. Protect customer networks across all endpoints; detect threats using targeted signals, behavioral monitoring, and machine learning; and most importantly, respond quickly—closing the gap between discovery and action. Built to provide enterprise grade productivity, Microsoft security and compliance standards protect users at home, in the office, or on the go.

Through interconnected collaboration, Office 365 features built-in, always-on controls like encryption at rest, encryption in transit, and additional security policies to better protect your users. There are also now custom controls that allow you to configure your Office 365 environment to meet your specific security and compliance needs. These additional customized services are available with many O365 subscription plans—most notably E5. In addition to Advance Threat Protection, Advance Security management, Threat Intelligence, Customer LockBox, Advanced eDiscovery, and Advanced Data Governance, Microsoft has created O365 Secure Score.

Introducing the Microsoft Secure Score

Microsoft Secure Score is a tool that helps assess your current security situation specific to your O365 business practices. Office 365 Secure Score is included with any commercial O365 subscription and with the multi-tenant and O365 Government Clouds. This security analytics tool can help you understand your current security position—as it relates to your specific O365 tenant. O365 Secure Score recognizes which features have been enabled to secure your accounts, data, and devices. Look at it as a cyber security “credit score.” Secure Score also identifies security features that, when activated, can reduce risk. The challenges in security and compliance are changing every day and the advanced capabilities of O365 are helping organizations manage their unique security profile and maintain compliance. If you’re interested in O365 Secure Score or would like a better understanding of Microsoft’s Security and Compliance contact the Microsoft experts at PEI today: 303-974-6881 or!

Matt Dixon, PEI

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