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Change Web Application Proxy Application Certificate

By January 10, 2014November 13th, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Microsoft, Windows Server

I’ve already discussed Windows Server 2012 R2’s Web Application Proxy feature. While it’s straightforward to configure through the GUI, it’s impossible to edit without using PowerShell. 

One task you’ll need to perform, sooner or later, is change or update the SSL certificate that a specific Application is using. Here’s how:

First, import the new SSL certificate (complete with private key) into the Computer’s Personal store.

And that’s it! The new certificate should be presented to new connections.

Shane Skriletz, PEI

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  • Christophe says:

    Hi, right command to get Certificates seems to be : Get-ChildItem -Path cert:LocalMachine\my
    Thanks for the post

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