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Work from Home: Good Benefit or Bad Business for your employees

By January 8, 2013June 7th, 2022Blog

I will start off by saying this blog is coming from the perspective of an employee who works from home on occasion. I live in a different city than the one I work in and at times it can be difficult to get into work (especially with the Colorado winters and snowfall we get). Also, when I have meetings in the city I live in, it’s not always feasible to go back to the office but rather continue the day from my home office.

More and more, organizations are seeing the benefit of the remote worker and the traditional model of needing to be at your desk to be productive is going away. I must say that I completely agree with this trend within the business community. From personal experience, my days of working from home are traditionally more productive and efficient than when in the office (and too my bosses who might read this, yes, I’m productive while at the office too). Whether it’s the limited interruptions by co-workers or the fact that I can get into my groove of working ( I enjoy my background music while working which is something I can’t have in the office), I’ve found that I keep up the same level, if not more, of work when at home.

Many have feared that if they allow their employees to work from home, then nothing gets done. I disagree (to a certain extent). I believe that the employee must show that they are working when at home and that they have the proper toolsets to get an honest day’s work done. From having my office line ring my laptop, to full communications capabilities (i.e. Instant Messaging) and full access of internal files, docs, etc…, being at home allows me to get the work done. If you are a business owner or decision maker, please know that an employee who works from home, is usually a happier, more productive employee. Plus we take shorter lunches as the kitchen is right down the hall.

Andrea Leonhardt, PEI



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