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Why Windows 10 S is Definitely not Right for Your Business

windows 10 s conference slide

Windows 10 S is NOT for business.

This is a follow up article to the thorough and fair review by Jeff Kirvin here at on Windows 10 S.

This is going to be a quick and dirty review with all pleasantries removed:

W10S looks specifically designed for education, where a price difference of 50$ can be a crucial decision factor when deploying thousands of uniform devices. After all, what do students really need other than a web browser and Microsoft Office?

Well, even with expectations this low the new product does not deliver.

Do you use Microsoft Office? Well, you can’t. No full version of Office. Do you fall into the 94.1% of users using a modern internet browser? Well, that isn’t there either. You can’t even change the search engine; it remains to be seen whether this is even legal in the EU.

Remember Windows RT? I still have one of those devices, serving as a doorstop. Do you remember the ‘Netbook’ flood of 11 inch $199 laptops? It was a craze that took your local brick and mortar stores by storm, until people started realizing you can’t even browse internet on a dual core atom cpu. Well, we’re doing it again folks.

The only saving grace is you can pony up 50 bucks to get full version of Windows. So wouldn’t it be fair to say Windows 10 S is a demo version of Windows?

JacobR, PEI

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