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Why won’t my XenApp server join the Farm?

By March 27, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Why won’t my XenApp server join the Farm?

You’ve decided that you need to add capacity to your Citrix XenApp 6.5 Farm. You’ve built the server, installed XenApp and have attempted to join your Farm, but it’s just not working: The XenApp server doesn’t behave like it’s part of a farm, and you see these errors in the System Event Log:

The servers farm data key does not match the farms current data key stored in the Data Store. IMA is shutting down.


Failed to load initial plugins with error IMA_RESULT_MAGIC_NUMBER_MISMATCH

Nothing went wrong during the install, what could be the problem?

In earlier versions, this could have been caused by corruption in the Farm’s database, but with XenApp 6.5 it’s important to remember the compatibility limitations. Citrix XenApp 6.5 Farms cannot support older versions of XenApp (including 6.0). These errors are your only indication of that version mismatch.

Try removing XenApp and installing version 6.5 or better to resolve this issue and join your existing Farm.

Shane Skriletz, PEI


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