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What’s Green about Hewlett Packard?

By July 26, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics

What’s Green about Hewlett Packard?

It seems every IT vendor has an environmental policy and action plans to back it up.  As part of my series on Green IT, I want to touch on what Hewlett Packard is doing to promote their environmental goals.

As a manufacturer, HP has considerable internal focus on recycling, the safe handling of materials, the reuse of electronic products, and improvement in the use of natural resources.  In 2010, HP was able to recycle a total of almost two billion (2,000,000,000) pounds of electronic products and supplies.  In 2011, the set a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40% below 2005 levels, and are ahead of schedule.  These are just a couple of examples where HP is making a difference.  For more details, you can check out their HP Environmental site:

HP is also active with a number of global environmental initiatives in partnership with groups such as the World Wildlife Fund, National Cristina Foundation and SmartWay.  These groups support sustainability, the recycle of unwanted technologies, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

From PEI’s perspective, HP commitment to providing outstanding low-carbon solutions and energy efficient products that use safer materials and greener packaging, translates into positive impacts that both PEI and our customers can adopt that allow us to be part of Green IT initiatives.

Whether they be Energy Star products that require less energy for operations, low carbon solutions such as virtualized servers or storage area network appliances, or printing devices with more environmentally friendly supplies and recycling, adopting these technologies as part of our IT game plan doesn’t just make good sense for our environment, but in most cases also brings a reduced cost of ownership that positively impacts out own bottom line.

If you would like to see more of what HP offers for a Low-Carbon Economy, I suggest checking out:

-Tim Krueger, PEI

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