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What tops your priority list for 2011?

What tops your priority list for 2011?

As 2010 comes to an end many organizations are beginning to re-evaluate what objectives were accomplished in 2010 and have begun to look forward to see what tops their list of initiatives for 2011. At PEI, the majority of our clients fall into the mid market category, from the discussions we have been having; here is a top 10 list of the most pressing initiatives for the mid-market in 2011.

1. Infrastructure Virtualization
2. Unified Communications
3. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Migration
4. Microsoft Windows 7 Migration
5. Managed Services
6. Server Upgrades (to support virtualization)
7. Security
8. SANs
9. Strategies for supporting remote users
10. Disaster Recovery

Continued challenging economic times have forced IT professionals to be creative to accomplish their goals with limited spending increases. Many organizations have turned to leasing to help accomplish their objectives. Leasing can prove an essential tool for small and mid-size organizations by allowing them to conserve capital and make set payments over time. This can also allow for equipment upgrades at regular intervals without breaking the bank.

With challenging economic times larger organizations have tended to avoid CapEx risks such as buying new hardware. Fortunately for organizations in the mid market they have tended to see the benefits of operational investments fairly quickly, even during an economic downturn. We have seen many organizations achieve these results with their infrastructure virtualization projects.
Now is a great time to take some time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments in 2010 and start to prioritize your objectives for ensure a successful 2011.

-Jon Eyberg, PEI

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