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Web Conferencing

By March 21, 2011September 2nd, 2020News

Web Conferencing

There is no substitute for face to face interaction with clients and vendors when it comes to building and maintaining relationships.  However this may not always be possible depending on your location and area of coverage.  Web conferencing including audio, video and data sharing is an excellent alternative to maintain communication “between handshakes”.  Web conferencing or as some people know it electronic meetings come in a variety of configurations and can be used in several modes.  Whether you are a project, sales or IT manager there are a myriad of uses for such a tool. 

Web conferencing takes the power of your PC and creates an interactive environment for sharing documents, training materials or even live applications.  The inclusion of audio can be one way for two way interaction depending on your needs.  File or application sharing a can also be interactive or one way for training or project meetings.  For instance a PEI client today utilizes Microsoft Web meetings to incorporate members of their engineering staffs across the US to coordinate on projects.  Through their Outlook they can schedule all resources, provide a dial in number and include content for quick, efficient and successful sessions.  PEI has assisted customers in every vertical with understanding how web communication tools can benefit them.  Allow us to enhance your “virtual handshakes” with web conferencing.     

-Jennifer Smith, PEI

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