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Upgrading from Lync Evaluation to Full Version

Prior to installing Lync enterprise wide, you may have built out a test Lync environment using the 180 evaluation version offered by Microsoft. The good news is, you can build that test environment so it is production ready and still be able to upgrade to the full version after purchasing Lync licensing.

First, to find out if you are running the evaluation version, open the Lync Management Shell and type Get-CSServerVersion. If you do not see “Volume License Key Installed” then do the following:

  1. Download the volume license copy of Lync and save it to your Front End server.
  2. Log on to the server as a local administrator.
  3. Open the Lync Mangement Shell
  4. In the Lync Server Management Shell, navigate to the folder that the installers for the FULL version of Lync 2010/2013 are located.
  5. type the following command and then press ENTER:

    exe /fvomus server.msi EVALTOFULL=1 /qb

    Note that you might need to specify the full path to the file server.msi. This file can be found in the Setup folder of the Lync Server Volume media installation files.

  6. After Setup finishes running, type the following from the command prompt and then press ENTER:


  7. Repeat this procedure on any other Front End Server, Director, or Edge Server running an evaluation copy of Lync Server. This procedure should also be performed on any Branch Office Servers that were deployed by using the Lync Server media installation files.

If you have questions related to this or other Lync issues, feel free to contact our Support team at or 303-786-7474 x1.

Andy Shaffer, PEI

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