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Unified Communications – a typical day

By August 16, 2011June 7th, 2022PEI News

Unified Communications – a typical day

If the deluge of information on unified Communications over the past few years has created an ‘immunity’ to actually hearing what the concept may offer you and your organization I don’t blame you.  The marketing surrounding UC the past few years has moved in to super warp overdrive forcing us to edit out some things that do not seem pertinent …but let me tell you this is pertinent.  Let’s take a typical day for a worker and highlight some of the features of Unified Communications and how it might transform the way you move through your day.

First thing on Monday morning you arrive at the office to open email and being your tasks but notice the red light of your voicemail.  Checking it you find a client needs a ‘quick change’ to that project plan before lunch (of course) because they have an approval meeting with the CFO.  You realize it takes much longer than 4 hours typically to get all the team members you need to assist, review and approve that kind of change.  Phone calls, voice mails, returned calls, printing copies, marking up, changes, reviews, more voicemail’s.  If you can actually find them.  Or does it?

Opening your online tools for UC a list of those important colleagues appears with their ‘status’.  You see Jane your lead engineer is online and ‘available’.  You click on her name and being your Instant Messaging session.  Asking if she can help with the customer requested changes she states she’s got an hour this morning to help…but what file, what client?  You proceed to your file sharing platform where you locate the documents you need and immediately drag and drop the info into the IM window.  She has immediate access and opens it into a online meeting where you both check the document together.  Jane has a question and clicks inside the very same window to start a voice call.  Connected you begin working on things and she realizes a part number does not seem correct.  You need your product specialist to help ensure you’ve got the right part.  Inside the same window you check his status …available!  Dragging and dropping his name to the voice call box he is added immediately and the three of you begin working.  The updates are completed and shared back to your file storage platform while your product specialist disconnects.  Now on to purchasing to ensure you’ve got the right pricing.  You check and his status says he’s ‘mobile’ so you click on his name and start a voice call.  Turns out the purchasing lead is is on the road and can’t get to his laptop but he does have email and can review a document if necessary.  You drag and drop the file to share feature and it appears on his smartphone where he confirms the pricing looks good and approves the revised proposal.  The last stretch, management approval.  You notice the director of engineering’s status says ‘in a call’ so you email the file link to her and ask for approval.  She begins an IM session with you and states she is on a training class but she can review the document while she listens.  With a few questions to you about the formatting and quantities she approves the proposal and you are free to send to the client.  YES, success and all before 10am.

Imagine attempting to do the same amount of work without Unified Communications?  You did that this morning?  How’s that going for you?  If you find yourself wondering ‘what could UC do for me’ then you need to visit with PEI team and we can show you live, in person how to transform your work into a highly effective business transaction.

-Jennifer Smith, PEI

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