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Typing on Mobile Devices

By April 5, 2013March 23rd, 2023Blog, Hot Technology Topics

As more and more mobile communication devices become available, we are expected to rely heavily on communication out of the office. One challenge that we all face is typing correctly on a touchscreen with limited space. On many devices, the keyboard takes up nearly the entire screen, hiding the material that we need to view while typing. Seeing as our fingers aren’t getting any smaller, there needs to be a new approach to typing. This is exactly what the bright minds at Minuum are striving for. The Minuum Keyboard is designed to increase typing speed and accuracy, while giving the user more space to see the apps being used.

The keyboard setup is based off of the QWERTY keyboard that we are all used to. The complex design of the Minnum Keyboard allows for sloppy typing while still getting the correct words entered. Extending past the touch screen, Minuum is developing its keyboard to work on other items too, for instance a ring or your watch.

The Minuum Keyboard has not been released to the general public, but will be coming out soon. Check out all of the cool new features at or check out a short video at


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