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Transforming Communications Today – Microsoft Lync Server

By November 8, 2010August 28th, 2020News, PEI News

Transforming Communications Today – Microsoft Lync Server

In response to today’s changing work styles and the need for real-time collaboration, organizations are looking for integrated productivity tools that enable users to communicate from anywhere in a cost-effective and secure manner. Microsoft Lync™ Server 2010 delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that brings together the different ways people communicate in a single interface. This unified experience facilitates rapid user adoption, while the ability to support a full range of communications from a single platform reduces both capital and operational costs.

Lync is the next generation in communications technologies.  The benefits of Lync are abundant.

New Connected Experience

  • Find and communicate with the right person, naturally.
  • Stay connected from virtually anywhere, with just a standard internet connection.
  • Build social connections and stay up to day on colleagues’ activities.


Integration with Microsoft Office

  • Communicate with context from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Office Backstage integration allows various communication options so users can share documents and presentations.


Converged Communications

  • Enhanced virtual meetings for improved productivity.
  • Complete set of enterprise-grade voice features.


Interoperable and Extensible

  • Connect Across networks, Federate with public IM networks.
  • Utilize existing A/V infrastructure.
  • Integrate with existing PBX systems.
  • Embed communications in business processes.


Simpler Deployment

  • Easily deploy system of any scale and manage them with ease.
  • Support for on-premise and hosted environments.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a new connected experience in everyday business communications, PEI can walk you through every aspect of Lync.  PEI is recognized as one of Microsoft’s most knowledgeable Lync resources.  Whether you’re looking for a presentation, demonstration, or Proof-of-Concept, PEI is here to help.  Find out about the Microsoft sponsored programs to make investigating Lync a snap.

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