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The Power of Twitter

By February 24, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog,

The Power of Twitter

This morning I realized that our website was down.  There is nothing more frustrating than sitting there, watching helplessly, as your website sits there with an error message in your face.

I quickly contacted our website design company to see what was going on.  They informed me that Rackspace, our hosting company, was down and they problem was being addressed right away.

After pondering how to get this information broadcasted out to people that may be trying to get a hold of us, I though well of course…Twitter!

I went to Google and searched Rackspace and sure enough there were all kinds of tweets being posted about other people who were down as well.  The coolest thing about this is Rackspace was updating people via Twitter on the status of the outage, and estimates of when it was going to come back up! 

It was surprisingly comforting to know that we were not the only site that was down.  For the next hour I conversed with several different people sharing my frustrations with them about having a website being down.

The second that the problem was resolved I found out through Twitter before I even received an e-mail from our website design provider.  This experience just blows my mind to see information being shared between complete strangers in real time.

The power of social media continues to amaze me!

-Andrea Leonhardt, PEI

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