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The Importance of PEI’s Shooting Event

By September 8, 2016September 11th, 2020Blog, Events
sporting clays and bullets

Each year, PEI hosts one of the best events in the industry – and this year is no different. On Tuesday September 13th, PEI will be hosting our 6th annual shooting event. Now, before you stop reading this blog because either you’ve never held a gun, you have zero experience, or you believe you’re a terrible shot, let me stop you right there. Experience is not required! Prior to heading to the range, there will be a brief presentation on business continuity and risk mitigation. Subjects of great importance if you’re interested in saving money while protecting business critical applications.

This event will be geared towards Colorado business decision makers that are interested in learning more about business continuity strategies, cloud services, managed IT services. More specifically, how these specific initiatives will save money, time, stress, and ultimately ensure your business’ mission-critical functions will continue during and after an unexpected issue or outage. Be it a natural disaster, disgruntled employee, or unreliable hardware, it’s only a matter of time. Not if, but when. Unfortunately, outages and down time have become a very real fact of life for businesses of all sizes.

A well thought out BCDR plan will save you time during an outage, recover your critical information, fix the issue, and return your normal operations as soon as possible. Businesses will tend to do the bare minimum given the costs involved with implementing a continuity solution. The result? Failure to consider the costs and business impacts of possible downtown time and disruptions, the effects of an outage can be very expensive and last much longer than expected. If you have ever considered growing your business, saving money, maximizing uptime, organizational performance, all-the-while reducing the amount of stress you have on your plate, then this is the perfect event for you. PEI is one of Colorado’s foremost Technology Consultants with more than 28 years’ experience and 7,000 successful IT projects executed.

Please join us on September 13th, from 8:30 – 12:30 for an event that will change the way you look at IT and your business as a whole. Spots are filling up fast, so please contact PEI for more information or visit our website at

We hope to see you out there!

Matt Dixon, PEI

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