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The Blame Game!

By December 13, 2010August 28th, 2020Best Practices, Blog

The Blame Game!

The blame game is a terrible game.  No one, in my opinion, should play it.  The people that ultimately end up suffering will be everyone involved.  I am an engineer and refuse to be dragged into this type of game.  I expect most people to take the high road, but we all know this doesn’t happen.  No one wants to be called out.  No one wants to be told “Hey, you messed up”.  If you are on the receiving end of the “Hey, you messed up” – don’t say “it wasn’t me – it was him/her/them”.  Listen to the complaints, if you have evidence to the contrary then you can submit it, but if you do not and it’s all hearsay, then swallow your pride and take your proverbial beating like a true professional.  Remember – it only stings a little and if you learn from it, then it is worth it.  Don’t take anyone else’s beating as you are not teaching that person anything, but don’t pass the buck if you know you were in the wrong.

-Emilio Rivera, PEI

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