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The Beauty of 24X7 Monitoring

By September 22, 2010August 28th, 2020Blog, Complete Managed Care

The Beauty of 24X7 Monitoring

Recently at PEI we were faced with two customers that had their entire e-mail system go down.  The difference between the two is one utilized our 24X7 monitoring service and the other customer did not.  We want to illustrate the importance of having some sort of monitoring service in place. 

Let’s begin with the customer with no monitoring service set in place on their systems.  They went half a business day before they realized that indeed their entire e-mail system was down.  Anyone in the business world knows the repercussions of not receiving e-mails for a half a day.  They may have missed supporting a current client, lost production, or even missed a new business opportunity.  Luckily their e-mail went down during regular business hours. If not, they would have had to wait until the following day for support (or even worse if their system went down on a weekend or holiday). 

Since PEI was not monitoring this client, there was a more involved process to diagnose the cause of the downed e-mail.  When it was all said and done, this customer’s e-mail was down for nearly an entire day.  This entire situation could have been prevented with 24X7 monitoring. 

Our second customer also had their e-mail system down, but had PEI’s 24X7 monitoring in place.  This customer not only had a down e-mail system, but it was also on Sunday.  Not a problem. 24X7 monitoring means exactly what it says, 24X7!  Within two hours of the customer contacting PEI there were four engineers working on the problem.  Since PEI monitors this customers system, diagnosing the problem took a fraction of the time compared to the other customer.  The e-mail system was up and running by start-of-business Monday morning. 

The moral of the story is any type of 24X7 monitoring service is pertinent to keeping all of your systems up and running.

 -Andrea Leonhardt, PEI

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