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Ten Reasons why VMWARE’s ZIMBRA is Something to Think About

Ten Reasons why VMWARE’s ZIMBRA is Something to Think About

  1. Self-Proclaimed (by VMWARE) as the next-generation of email and collaboration; it combines email, calendars, contacts, file sharing, documents, social media, and tasks.
  2. It’s Multi-Platform!  This product is not just for Windows, so Linux and Mac users won’t feel left out.
  3. My new favorite word: ZIMLETS!  You can pull an address from an email in to Google maps just by hovering, cross-reference contacts with, and manage social networks. (For more detail and all available features, see:
  4. Zimbra works well with many smartphones and mobile devices, including the iPhone and Blackberry.
  5. Zimbra  has the ability to work offline.
  6. You get to decide if you want to host Zimbra or let someone else host it and worry about all that behind the scenes “stuff.”
  7. Zimbra is also a good sport by playing alongside the competition, Microsoft Exchange.  One example:  the Calendar Wizard in Zimbra can work together with Microsoft Exchange 2007 and 2010 in order to find the perfect meeting time for your next conference call or “work-related” lunch.
  8. The Migration Wizards will magically migrate you from Microsoft Exchange and Domino environments over to Zimbra. 
  9. For those of you already running a vSPHERE environment, Zimbra can take advantage of its high availability, disaster recovery, backup and life cycle management.
  10. Finally, Zimbra will clean your house, watch your kids, and cook you a nice chicken dinner. Or not.  But it WILL allow you to self-restore previously deleted email messages from the trash using Zimbra Web Client (and with your admin’s permission.) 

Now, these are just a few handpicked reasons why Zimbra is a product to think about.  For more information on the product, including data-sheets and FAQ’s, please see the VMWARE website at:

-Erika Larson, PEI

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