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Microsoft Teams Replaces Skype for Business Online – What Now?

Next Steps for Moving to Teams

Since Microsoft’s announcement on the first of this month (October 1st) that Microsoft Teams will begin replacing Skype for Business Online, there has been a great level of concern and confusion from organizations currently on Skype for Business Online or considering moving to it. In this email, I’ll address those concerns and discuss options for next steps.

Common Concerns and Questions about the Transition to Teams:

  • Is there a firm deadline for moving to Microsoft Teams from Skype for Business?
    • Skype for Business Online customers interested in moving to Microsoft Teams can determine the timing that best meets their needs. However, customers will need to turn off their automatic upgrade to avoid being automatically upgraded to Teams.
  • Will Microsoft be requiring customers to upgrade from Skype for Business Online to Teams?
    • Although Microsoft may decide in the future to require all Skype for Business Online users to migrate to Teams, organizations unwilling to move to Teams can still opt out of the automatic upgrade at this time.

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  • How will upgrades to Teams be communicated to customers?
    • Microsoft will communicate this change in two ways: 1) Message Center posts within the Microsoft Teams & Skype for Business Admin Center and 2) Relationship Marketing emails sent to your Skype for Business Online IT Administrator(s).
  • What should I do to prepare for my upgrade?
    • Successfully upgrading will include a technical readiness assessment and roadmap as well as a strategy to ensure user acceptance and readiness. Skype for Business and Teams have disparate interfaces; make sure your users are prepared for the change with end-user training on the Teams client.

Options & Next Steps:

  • Planning & Assessment – Teams and Skype for Business Online do not have exact feature parity, and it does not make sense for all organizations to move to immediately. Schedule time with PEI to assess your organization’s needs and determine if the switch is right for you.
  • Upgrading to Teams or Remaining on Skype for Business Online – If you are an existing Skype for Business customer, examine your current use of Skype for Business features and whether Microsoft Teams will meet those communications needs given the differences in the platforms. Whatever you decide, work with PEI to ensure your upgrade (or non-upgrade) is handled correctly.
  • Training – Microsoft Teams’ interface and functionality is very different from Skype for Business Online. Before upgrading, prepare your employees with end-user training. PEI offers the QuickHelp™ Platform, which delivers a personalized approach to online training through self-paced video courses, downloadable quick-start guides, and instructor-led events. User progress is trackable and QuickHelp™ covers Microsoft Teams and the entire Office 365 solution set.
  • Supporting Teams – Is your inhouse IT team comfortable supporting Teams? PEI’s Operations Team has extensive experience supporting and managing Microsoft Teams environments for our customers.

Contact PEI directly at 303-974-6881 or to schedule time to discuss next steps for your Teams upgrade! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

Adam Lee, PEI

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