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Tablet PC Update

By February 1, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics, New Product Releases & Upgrades

Tablet PC Update

Long ago, October 2010, one of our engineers wrote a blog about tablet PCs and asks the question how the business world and IT departments are going to integrate Tablets.  In the Dec issue of InfomationWeek David Carr wrote a very interesting article.  First, many companies have already established device management and information security policies for the iPhone, which uses the same operating system.  Carr outlines some of the markets for tablets today:

–          Needham Bank gave iPads to departments responsible for checking on construction projects before releasing loans to builders, enabling the group to do more of its work from the field.

–          Trial attorneys replacing large folder of reference paperwork that can be referred to but seldom used.

–          Taylor Made Golf company gave 70 of its sales reps iPads to have access to a large library of marketing material

–          With the new advent of the medical industry moving to digital patience records, the University of Chicago Medical Center gave 150 medical residents iPads  for accessing  electronic medical records

–          Having been a sales rep in a past life the concept of 24/7 access to makes my head swim.

–          SAP indicated it could buy as many as 17,000 of the devices

With the Dell, Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Samsung and just about everybody in the industry moving and moving quickly into this market, this is a unbelievable market.  So to use a couple of buzz sayings, technology builds things because they can, if you build it they will come.  I am sure that thousands of people above my pay grade are thinking of new designs and uses, it would be difficult to visualize what life will be like in three years with Tablet PCs…

-Randy Blair, PEI

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