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Smartphones and Microsoft Lync

By April 7, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Hot Technology Topics, Microsoft

Smartphones and Microsoft Lync

As a Microsoft UC specialist, we use Lync (formerly OCS 2007) day in and day out.  We are also a Verizon shop.  This leaves us in an interesting place as far as smartphones and UC integration goes.  Back a year ago, it was easy.  Windows Mobile phones were still relevant and we had Communicator Mobile.  Today, Windows Mobile has grown long in the tooth and has been replaced by iPhones, Droids and Windows Phone 7 (unless you’re on Verizon, then you have to wait still on the last one).  What is one to do?

Well, good news, there are choices.  On the iPhone there are a few apps including iDialog.  I am currently using a Droid X smart phone.  Until recently, there has not been any choice on this front.  We now have two.  AnderOCS and Office Talk Free.  I have been using Office Talk Free for the past two weeks and it has been great having access to Lync from my phone again.

One thing that is certain with smartphones, the Apps matter.  They almost matter more than the ability to make calls.  Having an App that brings Lync to my phone just proves that point even more to me.

-Adam Ball, PEI

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