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Setting up Simultaneous Ring on Lync

By March 28, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog

Setting up Simultaneous Ring on Lync

Simultaneous ring is a great tool to have for Lync in case you are busy or briefly unavailable. Unlike call forwarding where your phone doesn’t ring, you can have your incoming calls simultaneously ring your office phone and another number or contact that you so choose. This setting is a great way to ensure that callers never get a busy signal and that an important call is never missed. What also makes this a great tool is that the caller will never know their call has been forwarded. It can be done like this:

1. On the bottom of the Lync there is a telephone symbol.  Click it.  Then, click Simultaneously ring, and then do one of the following:

• Click another of your numbers, such as your mobile phone.

• Click New Number, and then type a new number in the dialog box that appears.

• Click My Delegates, and then in the Delegates dialog box, add any contacts whom you want to answer calls for you. You can also specify that they be rung only after a certain period. Delegates can also make calls on your behalf.

2. Click My Team-Call Group, and then, in the Team-Call Group dialog box, add the contacts you want to receive your calls at the same time you do. You can also specify that they be rung only after a certain period of time.

Adam Lee, PEI


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