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By June 25, 2015September 11th, 2020Blog, Microsoft

Email is one of the few technologies invented which seems to have stuck with us, and consumes a large part of our work day despite many startup attempts to “fix” the email problem. As a project manager I know this all too well, and in the not-so-distant past I could expect to see 1000+ emails in a single day. Thankfully those days are behind me, but I learned a few tricks in Outlook that made it significantly easier to deal with large piles of emails.

Compact Navigation in Outlook 2013

One of the re-designed aspects of Outlook 2013 is the “module switcher.” I actually like the look of the large font, but it takes up valuable space in my message list and reading pane that I need for productivity. I recommend changing the module switcher to “compact navigation” to get those pixels back.

  1. Click the menu (three dots) next to “Tasks” in the module switcher at the bottom of the screen in Outlook

  1. Check the box for compact navigation and click “OK”

  1. And you’re all set, now the gray bar only extends the length of the folder list and your module switcher has been changed from text to icons!

Allison Sousa, PEI

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