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By June 7, 2012June 7th, 2022Blog, Hot Technology Topics

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on security. From auto, home and business, we look to protect our assets from the outside on a regular basis. One area where security is thought of but not always as closely as your home for example, is the security of your corporate network. With a proliferation of data moving to colocation facilities, “the cloud” or even growth of data on premise at your business’ headquarters, IT Directors, and C-Level management must ensure that their data is secure from the eyes (or keyboards) of those who do not need to know.

Being a service driven country, many American business relay on their Intellectual Property in order to keep the doors open. Sensitive client data or a patent is not something that you would want your company to lose to the competition. Many times, data is compromised over very simple matters; a password not changed, permissions and controls not being set properly, or system maintenance. Many times the simplest solution can help stop the largest problems. I recommend to my clients that they look to review their security policies every 6 months and perform security audits at least once a year. With a simple security review, you can rest assured that your most valuable business assets are safe.

Arash M Zadeh, PEI

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