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Secure Hybrid Infrastructure: A Look at Operations Management Suite (OMS)

By December 18, 2018September 18th, 2020Blog, datacenter, Managed Services, Microsoft, Security
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Microsoft offers a wide range of security solutions to keep all types of businesses secure and compliant—regardless of the type of environment. Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a cloud solutions that allows organizations to manage the security of their on-premises and cloud resources. Instead of deploying disparate solutions for your environment–on-premises solutions for on-premises workloads and cloud solutions for your cloud infrastructure–Operations Management Suite collects data from all of your systems no matter where they live and compiles it in one place. This simplifies hybrid infrastructure management by providing a single pane of glass for viewing the security of your systems.

What is Secure Hybrid Infrastructure?

IT Organizations are responsible for managing datacenter infrastructure, applications, and data, including the stability and security of these systems.  However, gaining security insights across increasingly complex IT environments often requires organizations to cobble together data from multiple security and management systems. With Microsoft OMS, we can empower IT Professionals to more effectively achieve their goals through one central management system for all of their security-focused tasks.

Key Value

With Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS), we can enable IT operations managers and security professionals to effectively monitor their entire environment for security vulnerabilities and active threats.

Security and Compliance

OMS Security provides an effective and easy-to-use cloud solution for detecting security threats across an entire IT environment—from on premises to cloud—running both Windows and Linux OS. With OMS security, Microsoft has enabled IT Operations and Security teams to more quickly and easily understand their organization’s overall security posture and detect and investigate security threats, all within the context of IT Operations.

OMS customers can leverage Microsoft’s own security data and analysis to perform a more intelligent and effective threat detection solution. With this intelligent threat detection, as well as guided investigations of security breaches and easily searchable security audit data, OMS Security enables customers to greatly mitigate the damage when an attack takes place and prevent damage to the business.

Threat detection and prevention through advanced cloud security:

  • Cloud-native, infrastructure-free, security management as a service
  • Quick security posture and threat detection
  • Unified view for all security-related issues in the context of IT Operations
  • Microsoft Security and partner intelligence for more accurate threat detection and investigation
  • Supply and query set for security audits and investigations
  • Best practice recommendations and security baselines

There are four Solution Areas within OMS Security:

  1. Security and Compliance: helps you identify, assess, and mitigate security risks.
  2. Security and Audit: collects and analyzes security events on managed systems.
  3. Anti-malware: reports on the status of anti-malware protection on managed systems.
  4. System Updates: performs analysis on security updates on managed systems so you can see systems requiring patching.

PEI can assist with the design and implementation of OMS. Want to learn more about Operations Management Suite? Download our OMS datasheet below!

Tim Krueger, PEI

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