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Reasons For Investment In Lync

By July 20, 2011September 2nd, 2020Blog, Unified Communications

 Reasons For Investment In Lync

For the single integrated client, which is easier to deploy, use, and maintain and will unlock more productivity and cost savings value in the organization; gaining advantage from the next level of integration, e.g., using “click to communicate” from MS Office applications. (Forrester Total Impact of Lync Study)

One-Click Communication

One of my favorite features of Microsoft Lync is the ability of all means of communication immediately available using only their name.  If I am in Outlook, CRM, SharePoint or almost any Microsoft application and I hoover over a contacts name it will allow me the ability to send them an email, instant message, audio call or video connection.  This is an amazing tool and incredibly efficient!  First I can check their presence status to see if they are available.  After finding that their status is green or “available” I can ping them with a quick instant message.  If a short chat is all the communication that is required then I can move on.  Or, if more in depth dialogue is required I can escalate to a voice call.  I did this with a colleague yesterday.  I was looking for a technical answer from one of our talented engineers.  I first checked the presence indicator to see who was available and then I contacted one of them.  We began an initial instant message chat but after a bit I was looking for a bit more in depth communication and escalated our communication to a voice call.  From there we decided it would be most effective to share a Visio diagram of the network in questions.  With another simple click I was able to share my desktop and resolve my question.

Lync is an amazing tool which I rely on every day.  The ability to use the presence and multiple communications tools has greatly increased the speed and efficiency of communication within our organization.  The communications ability of Lync not only benefit our internal communications but also allow us to respond to the needs of our clients much more effectively and efficiently.  Think about how the tools in Lync could benefit you in your daily communications efforts.

-Jon Eyberg, PEI

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